150,000 Brits on benefits urged to check if they’re owed backpay of up to £12,000 – here’s how


Brits claiming benefits could be owed thousands of pounds after an error in calculating payments.

A man was awarded £12,000 after contacting the Department for Work and Pensions (DWP) to recalculate his PIP payments.


Changes in PIP calculation could mean thousands of claimants may be owed moneycredit: Alamy

personal liberty payment (PIP) is for people with long-term health conditions and may or may not be claimed by those working.

There is a mobility component that can increase the amount of money you get if you are eligible.

In 2017, a court ruling found that People were discriminated against for assessing this element with mental health conditions.

People with certain issues should have been given higher marks when they were being assessed for PIP.

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The DWP is reviewing the previous PIP claimants to see if they should have been given more money.

But there are still thousands of people owed money, and if they feel they have been affected without waiting to contact the DWP, they can claim the cash back.

As of 1 November 2021, the latest figures available, the government has paid 8,200 for a total of £42 million.

But the DWP estimates that 164,000 are likely to be affected, and the decision will cost £3.7 billion by 2022.

DWP plans to publish a final update in late 2022.

How much is owed to individuals depends on how much they missed and for how long – there is no set amount.

The department is working its way through the review and contacting the claimants who are past dated payment dues.

But anyone who thinks they are entitled to cash can directly contact them and ask them to view their PIP payments.

The court’s decision affects PIP claims settled between November 27, 2016 and June 28, 2018. Citizen Advice says.

PIP claims made after this date take into account court decisions and treat people with mental health conditions fairly.

It states that you can ask the DWP to watch it again if you:

  • have a mental health condition that makes it difficult to go out
  • The mobility component of the PIP was not found or you received the standard rate of the mobility component

According to benefits at workThere are about 20 situations that successful contenders have faced.

  • fear of crowds
  • alcohol abuse
  • Anxiety and depressive disorder (mixed)
  • anxiety disorders
  • autism
  • Bipolar affective disorder (hypomania/mania)
  • cognitive disorder
  • Madness
  • depressive illness
  • drug abuse
  • learning disability
  • mood disorders
  • Obsessive Compulsive Disorder (OCD.)
  • anxiety problem
  • Personality Disorders
  • Fear
  • Post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD)
  • Mental Disorders
  • schizoaffective disorder
  • a type of mental disorder
  • stress response disorder

The organization helping people claim benefits said that if a condition is not listed, it does not mean that the claim for Backpay will not be successful, or if it is listed, the claim will automatically claim you as Backpay. will entitle.

How to claim PIP Backpay

If you feel that you are affected and should backpay for the PIP, you should refer to the original decision letter that you received.

The decision must have been made between 27 November 2016 and 28 June 2018.

Contact the benefits office listed on the decision sheet and tell them that you think the new rules for calculating PIP (introduced after the court’s decision) should have given you the higher mobility element.

Tell them you want them to review your PIP decision.

You will need your National Insurance number, address and contact details.

If you do not have your decision letter you can contact the PIP inquiry line to capture your decision letter on 0800 121 4433.

DWP will review your claim and if you are entitled to a refund will contact you by letter and let you know how much.

Payment will be backdated to the date of your claim, or when the Mobility Claimant Rules are first changed (November 2016), whichever is later.

There are thousands of PIP disability claimants Urged to appeal the decisions if their claim was withheld because they did not go for evaluation,

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There are at least seven million people in the UK Denied unclaimed benefits worth more than £15 billion.

Two million Brits on profit £1,560 . can be in line to pay If the government loses the legal challenge after excluding them covid support.

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