4th stimulus check update 2022 — New $1,200 direct payments coming to Americans this summer – who qualifies for cash?


Pennsylvania’s Exception to Senior Citizens

Other than this, law Makes special exceptions for seniors living in Philadelphia, Pittsburgh, or Scranton, where local wage and income tax rates are much higher.

Each senior household in these areas earning less than $30,000 will have an additional 50% increase in the property tax exemption.

The same would apply to senior households in the rest of the state, as long as they make less than $30,000 and pay more than 15% of income in property taxes.

Those who are eligible can apply for their relaxation online Before the deadline of December 31, 2022.

Originally, the deadline was June 30.

So far this year, more than 41,000 Pennsylvanians have applied for their exemptions, according to Revenue Secretary Dan Hassell.

“We are hopeful that other eligible contenders will take advantage of myPATH in the coming months, as the deadline for the program has been extended to the remaining days of the year,” he added.


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