A huge mistake with my $180,000 first home purchase cost me a fortune – how to avoid doing the same


A new homeowner made a mistake of $30,000 on an $180,000 purchase – but it could have been avoided.

home buying process can get complicated like this first time home buyer Experience.


There are many factors that buyers should take great care of during the buying process.credit: getty

The owner approached the Money Advice column pay dirt To explain their very expensive purchase by Slate.

He recently bought a mobile home for $180,000 conventional loan and 20% down.

The buyer claimed that the seller did not report any structural issues.

But there were — lots of them.

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In fact, the buyer noted that the home is essentially split in two.

When it was purchased, the mobile home looked like a brick and mortar with so many additions, but upon closer inspection, the flaws were easily noticed.

The owner went on to detail how it took at least $30,000 in repairs to keep it standing.

Some of the disadvantages are said to be an inch-wide crack in the floor, a sloping ceiling, subflooring needing to be replaced, broken doors and uneven floors.

“The heat pump died too,” he said.

The author has told one thing in detail that his real estate agent Testing not recommended.

Because of this, there were no reports of structural damage that would have been definitively caught by a home inspection.

When the buyer tried to hold back from the purchase, his agent strongly urged him to reconsider.

Passing home inspections is actually becoming a huge mistake that most buyers are making.

Columnist Athena Valentine pointed out that because the housing market is so hot, many buyers are abandoning inspections as a way to weed out other buyers.

It is problematic but very common.

Real estate expert Tom Brickman, who goes thrifty gayoffered this homeowner three possible scenarios: suing, selling, or living with.

“You learned a really hard lesson before you could possibly get more expensive real estate later in life,” he said.

How to Avoid Similar Homeownership Mistakes

Be your own Realtor.

The process of being your own Realtor isn’t easy, especially if you don’t have their resources.

Although with a little hard work it can be accomplished.

Here are some things to consider if you take this route:

  • it’s a long time commitment
  • Do not skip inspection procedures
  • get access to the competition
  • Market your home properly
  • You may still have to pay fees
  • learn to communicate properly

Another thing to observe are your funds.

By early 2022, 81% of homebuyers could not afford half the homes for sale in their markets, economists from the National Association of Homebuilders said. informed of,

as accommodation Affordability As the climb continues, it is important for potential homebuyers to make sure they have a fair amount of money before they buy.

Additionally, potential buyers should be prepared.

Patrick Duffy, founder and chief economist of MetroIntelligence, told The Sun that preparation is one of the biggest missteps made by home buyers.

,Election Buyers are not being prepared for the actual cost of home ownership, which they do not like once the home is bought,” he said.

He said that if a major decision is taken in haste, it is often followed with regret.

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first time home buyers Can get up to $10,000.

Also here are four mistakes Built by home buyers and sellers in today’s housing market.

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