A SELF-DRIVING Tesla upgrade can save drivers $6,000 – see the high-end features


TESLA’s Advanced Autopilot Package is making a comeback with a $6k price point.

The electric vehicle (EV) maker previously limited its customers to a $12k “full self-driving” configuration.


Tesla Autopilot engaged on a highwaycredit: getty

Tesla’s The Advanced Autopilot represents the middle ground between the standard Autopilot and the full self-driving package of its inventory.

Building on the Enhanced Autopilot foundation are standard Autopilot features, such as:

  • adaptive cruise control
  • emergency braking
  • blind-spot monitoring
  • lane-keeping assistance

Enhanced Autopilot builds on this complimentary foundation with innovative additions like Navigate on Autopilot.

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Navigate to Autopilot suggests lane changes and continue to drive through highway exits and interchanges, screen rent Report.

Advanced Autopilot features that navigate on Autopilot include:

  • autopark
  • summon
  • smart summon

Summons helps you automatically park and retrieve your Tesla while standing outside the vehicle, Tesla Report.

Smart Summon will take your Model Y to your location (via your phone’s GPS or your location of choice.

Tesla driving with Smart Summon maneuvers around obstacles and stops for objects as needed.

The Advanced Autopilot isn’t a free pass to fall asleep behind the wheel, despite the package’s advanced capabilities.

No Tesla with Enhanced Autopilot will be fully autonomous, so drivers need to pay attention to the road if they need to switch back to manual controls.

recent reports have reflected that hundreds of Teslas are braking automatically on Autopilot for no reason – a phenomenon known as phantom braking.

The center display of the Tesla Model Y where the Enhanced Autopilot can be installed


The center display of the Tesla Model Y where the Enhanced Autopilot can be installedcredit: getty

While Tesla hasn’t commented on its Phantom Braking report, the manufacturer will release frequent over-the-air updates to refine the Enhanced Autopilot’s functionality.

Tesla’s Autopilot packages serve as a step toward the company’s bigger goal of selling fully self-driving Vehicle,


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