All the best heatwave sales including BBQs, pools and rattan sets – and prices start at £19


Things are heating up among retailers as they slash prices on all the best garden furniture purchases.

But to save you the headache of scouring all the best deals, we’ve narrowed down some of the best deals.


Things are heating up among retailers as they slash prices on all the best garden furniture buys

UK dressed up as a scorcher today temperature rise Up to a high level of 34C.

It only means it’s destination: the gardens, for the rest of the weekend.

But all that sunshine has only brought to light how tired and dull looking your old garden gear is.

So with increasing temperature Sahara DesertIt may be high time for a back-yard make-over.

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Just don’t let the heat rush you to splash out on the first deal you make.

First set up a shop.

pricing tools like google shopping You’ll find it helpful to weigh everything out there, and compare costs to find the best deal.

And remember that you’ll only save if you were planning on forking-out in the first place.

If you weren’t prepared to spend 300 odd quid on that new tiki bar to begin with, or you just didn’t need to splash on a new hot tub for patio space, it’s not much of a steal.

With that in mind, here are the best heatwave sales, from BBQ to pool, and more.

Range – 6 Feet Paddling Pool

  • Was: £24.99 Now: £18.74 Save: £6.25 – buy now
Splash out in range


Splash out in rangecredit: The Range

There’s nothing better than a splash about cooling off in a heatwave, and roasted Brits can do it at a fraction of the price thanks to sale items in the range.

Its 6 ft quick set pool costs over £6, making it under £20 to buy.

The garden accessory is a “self-forced” swimming pool—meaning you only have to inflate the top ring to stand on the grass.

Once you’ve blown out that bit, simply fill the pool with water to raise the walls.

Then, with the cozi at the ready, you’re all set to take the plunge.

Argos – Sun Lounger

  • Was: £38 Now: £25 Save: £13 – buy now
Soak Up the Sun in Argos


Soak Up the Sun in Argoscredit: Argos

The bravest of pasty Brits will try to soak up as much of the sun’s rays as possible this weekend.

But to complete the tan topping-task, you’ll need a new lounger to start back over.

Argos has lowered the price to £13 from one of its cheapest, which means you can have some extra money in your pocket.

The lightweight powder-coated frame folds up in seconds and cleans clothes – so no small spills of sun cream or drinks have to worry about.

It’s got three tilting positions and weighs up to 110kg.

Robert Dias – Grill BBQ

  • Was: £59.99 Now: £49.99 Save: £10 – buy now
Turn on Your Grill at Robert Diaso


Turn on Your Grill at Robert Diasocredit: Robert Dias

Lots of families will use that as an excuse to turn on their grill this weekend.

But it may be time for the company to upgrade the dusty BBQ sitting in the shed only with spiders from last year.

Buyers can save a tenor in a Robert Dias sale with a new kit for just £49.99.

Its Landmann Charcoal Kettle Barbecue has an impressive crunch while providing everything you need to cook an al fresco meal for friends and family.

With the 43cm diameter cooking grill, you have enough room to cook a variety of meats and veggies, and thanks to the removable ash catcher and stainless steel grill, this BBQ is easy to clean even after.

All you need is charcoal or briquettes of wood to put out the fire.

Aldi – Square Fire Pit

  • Was: £89.99 Now: £69.99 Save: £20 – buy now
Aldi.  but things have flared up


Aldi. but things have flared upcredit: Aldi

By staying warm, shoppers can also splurge on a budget fire pit.

Especially if they shop at Aldi, as the bargain retailer has cut the price of their outdoor gear by £20.

This can be a day-long roast, but as the night progresses you may need a flame or two to keep warm, so the SpecialBay is perfectly suited.

It is designed with a spark cover and includes a poker and mesh cover for safe enjoyment.

Just be careful where you decide to place it, as a Gardenline fire pit needs a well-ventilated and open space to function properly and safely.

B&M – Hanging Egg Chair

  • Was: £200 Now: £150 Save: £50 – bnow you
Don't Think B&M's Bargain


Don’t Think B&M’s BargainCredits: B&M

Another garden deal you won’t want to hang up on—the straight bargain for—comes from Heavy Weight, B&M.

Its Island Paradise Egg Chair has been reduced to £50 for the heatwave.

It only has one seat, so you won’t be sharing Sun-Trap with any company this weekend.

But the hanging chair’s smooth rocking action, as you crouch down in its comfortable seat cushion, will have you swaying in the sun in no time.

B&M – Lay-Z-Spa Hot Tub

  • Was: £400 Now: £220 Save: £180 – buy now
You are a B&M.  But you can get bargain bubbles too.


You are a B&M. But you can get bargain bubbles too.Credits: B&M

Shoppers can find even more deals at B&M because the store has some of the best cheap hot tubs on sale on the market right now.

Its lowest offer is only £220 – a steal that could be printed.

That price in particular has been knocked down more than once before.

Originally it cost £400 to buy a four person tub.

Then Bargains store slashes full tub price Up to £350.

seen long ago £250. one more dropAnd now it’s even cheaper and a further £30 off in price.

That’s too much of a price-cut to wrap your head around this summer, so all you need to know is that there’s £180 to be saved on the bubbly tub right now.

Argos – Garden Tiki Bar

  • Was: £350 Now: £270 Save: £80 – buy now
On the sale of Argos you'll say 'drinks on me'


On the sale of Argos you’ll say ‘drinks on me’credit: Argos

At Club Tropicana, drinks are free – or at least they are when you manage to save £80 on your initial tiki bar expenses.

Argos has knocked over 20% off the funky garden feature.

The Rattan seats two people with its included bar stool, and there’s plenty of room to stock it with cocktail mixes, glasses, and its built-in shelving.

The glass-topped bar is built into a sturdy steel frame with bamboo detailing and a grass-style roof – setting the perfect vacation home atmosphere for you and your guests.

Homebase – Rattan Sofa Set

  • Was: £345 Now: £295 Save: £50 – buy now
Take a seat while the Homebase knocks down the price tag


Take a seat while the Homebase knocks down the price tag

Homebase is letting buyers take a seat with its on sale sofa set at just a fraction of the price.

The stylish Garden Sofa is made of rattan wicker material and gray seat and back cushions are included in the price.

Plus, after a sweaty weekend, the cushion covers have zips for when you want to hose them down, too.

It also includes a matching rattan effect table, which has a toughened glass top, perfect for sipping a drink or two.

And with a price of £50, you’ll definitely be toasting for a deal that’s well-watched.

This makes it cheaper than Corner Sofa Similar to AldiWhich sets SpecialBuy shoppers back £299.95 – or five hundred bucks more.

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You might not be thinking of something so big as garden furniture this hot weekend – start small. cooling gadget From our round-up.

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