American Pickers’ Mike Wolfe buys $56K 1939 Ford Deluxe and begins restorations


Mike Wolfe of American Pickers posted a photo of a 1939 Ford Deluxe he bought for $56k on Instagram on Wednesday.

The TV star says he is now working to restore the car at a higher resale value.


An auto technician next to Mike Wolfe’s 1939 Ford Deluxecredit: Instagram

The highest sales for this model is $308k, with 1338 sales recorded, hagerty Report.

wolf’s instagram Ford’s post read: “The 1939 #fordcoupe is open!!! Thanks for not giving up, Peterson Lock! There is a time capsule inside. Haven’t opened since 1975! The interior is in beautiful rich colors and in amazing condition. THIS BABY looking forward to getting back @ontwolanes #inthevalley”

One user commented on Wolfe’s post: “They haven’t made cars that good in a long time.”

Ford originally sold its 1939 Deluxe Coupe for $788—and Vehicle was already a classic by the mid-1960s, hemmings reports

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According to Hemmings, one of Ford’s most notable developments was its hydraulic drum brakes which became standard in place of mechanical and cable-actuated brakes.

Hydraulic drum brakes use fluid instead of cable for additional stopping power.

The 1939 Ford Deluxe seated three passengers, had a 112-inch wheelbase and had a flathead V-8 engine under its hood.

This flathead engine represented an improved design for 1939 as its strong foundation included larger main bearings supporting the larger crankshaft, hemmings Report.

Further strengthening the 1939 Deluxe’s ​​fresh engine design were the new 24-stud cylinder heads that promoted a slightly increased compression ratio.

This 1939 Ford Deluxe isn’t the only restoration project Wolfe has on her hands.

wolf deployment of An Instagram of his 1964 Volkswagen bus before the extensive renovation.

Wolff’s Instagram post of a 1964 Volkswagen bus read: “21 window Volkswagen bus from 1964 21 New Mexico. @j3restorations is getting the treatment! This survivor will have a mechanical restoration.

Behind the wheel shot of Wolff's 1939 Ford Deluxe


Behind the wheel shot of Wolff’s 1939 Ford Deluxecredit: Instagram


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