American Pickers star Mike Wolfe shows off $32K baby blue Datsun 260Z & says the car was ‘one of the funnest’


Mike Wolfe continues his streak of restoring classic cars with an Instagram video featuring the $32k Datsun 260Z.

Wolff showed his enthusiasm for Datsun, saying: “I had a 240Z, and it was one of the funniest cars ever,”


1970 Datsun 260Z as shown on Instagram from American Pickerscredit history

american pickerStar says he thinks his old Datsun 240Z was a 1970s model.

The 1970-1973 Datsun 240Z model has maintained its value with an example of a good condition estimated at $33,800, hagerty Report.

Wolff said: “It [Datsun 240Z] It was an incredible car for me. I mean, it was a poor man’s sports car.

“I think I spent about $1200 bucks buying this car, and I’ve had about $30k in fun.”

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The mechanic of this Instagram video says: “Basically this [1970 Datsun 260Z] The car belonged to my father, and my grandfather had this car, so he bought it, and he drove the car for the rest of his life.

As per Haggerty’s report, the highest ever recorded sales of the Datsun 240Z is $315k.

Datsun models known for higher prices tend to be special edition models in mint condition.

One of Datsun’s most famous special edition examples is its 1980ZX 10th Anniversary Edition.

Datsun made 3,000 models of its 10th Anniversary Edition, each with a numeric dash code that reinforces their value.

The Datsun featured on American Pickers’ Instagram isn’t the only vintage ride that Wolff has surfaced online recently.

Wolff published an Instagram Post His 1964 . Of Volkswagen (VW) just before its extensive refurbishment.

Wolfe’s post read: “1964 21 New Mexico 21 Window Volkswagen Bus. @j3restorations is getting the treatment! This survivor will have a mechanical restoration.”

Wolfe’s 1964 VW van costs $18k at low retail, $41k at average retail, and $74k at high retail, nada guide Report.

Wolff's Prev 1970 Datsun 240Z


Wolff’s Prev 1970 Datsun 240Zcredit history

a different instagram Post Displayed Wolfe’s $56k 1939 Ford Deluxe before beginning its restoration.

The caption of Wolfe’s 1939 Ford Deluxe post read: “The 1939 #fordcoupe is open!!! Thanks for not giving up, Peterson Lock! There’s a time capsule inside. Not opened since 1975! Interior in beautiful rich colors and in amazing condition . looking forward to getting this baby back @ontwolanes #inthevalley.”


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