Americans are not allowed to get their own gas in 2 states – why you could be fined $500 for going to the pump yourself


New Jersey and Oregon are the only two US states where it is illegal to fill your own gas tank.

Oregon MPs see self-service gas stations as a catalyst for various hazards, while of new jersey The motive remains political.


A gas station attendant pumps gas for a customer in New Jerseycredit: Getty Images – Getty

New Jersey and Oregon’s ban on self-service gas stations has survived several legislative efforts, court challenges, and gas industry resistance.

Oregon’s view is that by removing the self-service ban:

  • increase in fire incidents
  • Create challenges for the elderly and disabled
  • Gas station jobs lead to loss

In 1982, Oregon voters defeated a ballot to overturn the ban, CNN Report.

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A 2014 survey found that Oregon residents were almost equally divided on the subject, with 46% in favor of lifting the ban and 44% supporting the ban, Oregon Capital Chronicle Report.

Oregon loosened its ban in 2018, approving self-service for drivers in rural counties with populations of less than 40,000, according to CNN.

Attempts to reverse the self-service gas ban in New Jersey have been seen as a losing political move, primarily due to fierce public outcry.

About 73% of New Jersey locals like their state’s law as it is, a Rutgers University Voting Report.

New Jersey is struggling to find enough workers to support its volunteering law, Fuel Your Way NJ Report,

New Jersey’s gas station employee shortage caused 75 gas stations in the state to lower their fuel prices to gain support for the Garden State’s lifting of the self-service ban.

Today’s national gas average for a gallon of regular grade fuel is 4.981, UP From $3.070 a year ago, AAA Report.

A Lukoil gas station attendant pumps gas into the customer's car


A Lukoil gas station attendant pumps gas into the customer’s carcredit: Getty Images – Getty


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