Americans can start applying for $500 monthly direct payments NOW – see the deadline exact date


A new guaranteed income program began accepting applications in late June, and families have only a few days left to apply.

According to one, the pilot initiative will send $500 to 155 Madison, Wisconsin families each month for a year. city ​​press release,


Madison’s Guaranteed Income will give pilot families $6,000 a year

There will be no restrictions on what the selected families can do with the money and the families You can apply by 3rd July,

Selected families will be notified in mid-July, according to the city, and payments should begin in August or September.

To be eligible, families must have at least one child under the age of 18 in the household and an income below 200% of the federal poverty line.

For 2022, this cutoff will be $55,500 for a family of four U.S. Department of Health and Human Services,

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From a group of eligible applicants, 155 families will be randomly selected to receive payments from the Madison Forward Fund.

The initiative was launched specifically to help Madison residents meet inflation remains at a high level.

“We know that monthly cash assistance can help families access healthier food, buy school supplies or even get a better job,” said Madison Mayor Satya Rhodes-Conway.

“A guaranteed income can also improve the mental and physical health of recipients. Running this program in Madison not only helps Madison families, but helps make the case for a national guaranteed income program.

In total, the city will distribute $930,000 in direct payments to residents.

In addition to direct payment, program participants will also have the option to fill out surveys as part of the research component of the pilot, and receive additional compensation.

Some non-participating households will also be asked to fill out surveys, and will be paid to answer.

According to the city, the data will be used as part of a joint study between the universities of Pennsylvania and Madison-Wisconsin on the effect of guaranteed income program,

Funding for the program was provided by 10 organizations including Mayors for Guaranteed Income (MGI).

“Providing the stability of a guaranteed income will help selected families in the short term, and help us reach the ultimate goal of providing an income floor to all who need it,” said Michael Tubbs, founder of MGI.

Families can apply online, and application Available in English, Spanish and Hmong.

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