Are banks open on July 4? Opening times for Chase, Bank of America & Wells Fargo


Independence Day is one of America’s most celebrated holidays.

Let’s take a look at which banks will be working this coming Monday fourth of July,


Fourth of July is a federal holidaycredit: getty

Are banks open on 5th July 2022?

4th of July this year is falling on a Monday.

Many banks will remain closed in view of the holiday.

Banks are usually closed on Sundays without holidays, as it is not considered a normal business day.

However, banks will also be closed on Monday, July 4, as Independence Day is a US federal holiday and a bank holiday.

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Banks that will close on July 4 include:

  • Wells Fargo
  • bank of america
  • City Bank
  • chase
  • capital a
  • PNC Bank

If you don’t see your bank listed, it may be closed. Customers should visit or call their bank for more information.

What is Fourth of July?

Fourth of July is also known as Independence Day.

over the fourth of july

The day is a federal holiday in the United States in honor of the signing of the Declaration of Independence on July 4, 1776.

Former President John Adams, the second President of the United States, believed that July 2 should be the correct date to celebrate American independence because July 2, 1776 was the day the Continental Congress voted in favor of independence. .

4th of July was when the 13 Colonies lead Thomas Jeffersonadopted the Declaration of Independence.

Families come together to celebrate the Fourth of July


Families come together to celebrate the Fourth of Julycredit: Getty – Contributor

How do you celebrate the Fourth of July?

One of the most popular ways to celebrate the Fourth of July is to watch fireworks at night.

Fireworks tradition started in Philadelphia Pennsylvania Back on July 4, 1777, when the cannons fired a 13-gun salute to the 13 colonies.

During the day, Americans usually celebrate with barbecues, picnics, concerts, and parades.

Many people find ways to incorporate red, white, and blue into their food, clothing, and decor in honor of the day.

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Americans also celebrate by spending the day at the beach or on a boat.

Some people also use this day to educate themselves about America’s history and why we celebrate Independence Day.


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