Asda’s new budget Essentials range hits stores TODAY


The first of Asda’s “Just Essentials” range hit store shelves and online today.

The full range will eventually be stocked in all 581 budget stores in the supermarket, but shoppers can begin to savor as some of the products are ready to buy now.


Some of Asda’s new ‘Just Essentials’ range hits stores todaycredit: asda

60 products are readily available off the shelves as well as online this week.

Offering everything from fresh meat, fish and poultry, and bakery items to all kinds of cupboard staples asda At rock bottom price in the range.

The supermarket giant reported that shoppers can get fishcakes, salmon chunks and braising steaks in store this month.

Meanwhile, The Sun has already seen the same behavior sconce And Pizzaas well as prepared food macaroni cheese And fish pieThe line up is ready to be added to your basket online.

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Prices start at 32p.

But when the entire range is fully rolled out in stores, it will be made up of a total of 293 products.

This is twice the amount of discount compared to the previous budget limit of the supermarket, asda smart price,

always hard promised earlier in the year to ax its value range and replace it with a newline, such as livelihood crisis continues,

But with buyers indulging in a few deals right now, there is still a way to go before they can access everything from the new range.

The supermarket has revealed that more than 130 products will be available by the end of June, however, and 267 lines will be purchasable as early as August 13.

Then, the remaining 26 products will hit stores by the end of the year.

As well as budget-priced food and drink items, the line includes over 20 essential household and toiletry products such as washing-up liquid, toilet roll, laundry powder, shampoo and conditioner.

With vibrant yellow packaging and a bold new font to go with the redesign, it’s hard to miss the new reincarnation on store shelves as well.

Sam Dixon, Asda Vice President of Brands and Offerings, said: “Nine out of ten of our customers have told us they are concerned about the cost of living crisis, with 44% of them saying they are actively looking for ways. Are going to increase their grocery budget further.

“We developed Just Essentials by Asda to provide our customers with the value they know and love from our smart price range, but in a much larger and more diverse range of products, and a bolder brand With whom it’s hard to miss.”

Supermarkets pledged to stock Cheap products at all its stores In response to pressure from campaigners over rising prices.

Families face huge grocery bills Inflation at 40-year high,

But what’s going on in the trolley isn’t the only financial strain families are up against.

Energy bill another £800. can grow up to That’s when he hit £2,800 in October.

they Already £700. rocketed by Earlier this spring the energy price cap was raised from £1,971 on April 1 to £1,277.

all the while, increased tax bill And rising prices at petrol pumps, will put more financial pressure on Pammel Brits.

However Asda isn’t the only store to offer value options in an effort to be kind on a struggling home budget.

Morrison, for example, It has over 250 products in its “Savers” range.

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During this, Sainsbury’s There was a price line called “Basics”, which has since been renamed by several names including Hubbard and Stamford Street.

And Tesco Hosted for its own “Everyday Value” line, it still stocks a range of different names for its own brand products even after the line was abolished.

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