Bank of Scotland goes down with hundreds of customers unable to access their accounts


Hundreds of Bank of Scotland customers have been unable to access their accounts after the bank’s website ran into issues.

More than 430 customers have complained about outages, according to DownDetector, and they haven’t been able to check their balances or make payments.


Bank of Scotland customers have been locked out of their accounts after an outagecredit: getty

54% of those who reported problems could not access their mobile banking44% had online banking problems and 2% could not log in through their phones.

The crash started around 11:30, and furious customers complained on Twitter.

One customer said, “I got paid today and I don’t know if the money went to my bank or not.”

Another said: “Is your mobile banking off? All my accounts are showing N/A.”

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Others complained of not being able to pay.

One customer said: “Trying to pay the bill and can’t.”

While many customers could not access their accounts through the Bank of Scotland app.

“I can’t access any of my accounts through the mobile app…Is there a problem?” a customer said.

Another tweeted: “Can’t access my account on the app, my daughter is down too!”

Bank of Scotland customers are not alone in having trouble accessing their accounts recently.

A payment problem left Halifax and some Lloyds Bank customers Unable to transfer cash on pay day.

While the apps for NatWest and RBS were shut down, And hundreds of accounts were closed.

The Bank of Scotland was contacted for comment.

How do I check if Bank of Scotland is down?

bank of scotland It has a dedicated page on its website, indicating whether any services have been affected, including internet banking, mobile apps, ATMs, debit cards and credit cards.

You can check out any future work he has planned and what it might mean for you.

Also, you can check websites like down detectorWhich will tell you if other people are facing problems online with a particular company.

Can I claim compensation for the outage?

Unlike telecom companies, banks do not have a fixed compensation plan for service disruption, although depending on how much it has affected you, you may be entitled to some money back.

It is worth gathering evidence of your problems so that you can make a formal complaint directly to the bank.

Try to note when you were unable to access the website or app, as well as any costs you incur as a result.

If your credit rating has been affected by a service outage because you incur a late payment fee for being unable to transact, for example, you should also keep a record of this.

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If you’ve talked to someone to try to solve the problem, note their name and when you spoke to them, as well as roughly what you discussed and what they advised you to do.

You can find out more about how to make a complaint on the Bank of Scotland website.

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