Big change to state pension payment dates next month


A major change in the state pension payment is due next month which may affect when you get your payment.

Queen celebrating him Platinum Jubilee in June, but the crucial opportunity may get in the way of payment dates.


A big state pension payment date change is on the waycredit: getty

June 3 is a bank holiday 70 years of queen on the throne.

and normal spring Bank holiday Also tagged a day before, i.e. another day off on 2nd June.

That means most Britons enjoy a four-day weekend to celebrate.

But Additional bank holidays and bumper time-off This is expected to affect the state pension payment dates for thousands of claimants, as they will not get their money on the day they expect.

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Although none will be left out of pocket, and in most cases you will get your money earlier than usual,

Instead there’s an easy way to check when you should receive pay-out.

It’s all down to what day of the week you usually get your money, and you have a trick. national insurance The number can also point you in the right direction.

you can usually Find your National Insurance Number On paperwork from work or retirement.

But take a closer look at the last two digits of the number and they can tell the exact day that you receive the cash from your state pension,

Here’s what the numbers mean for each day:

  • 00 and 19 – you are usually paid on Mondays
  • 20 and 39 – you are usually paid on Tuesdays
  • 40 and 59 – You are usually paid on Wednesdays
  • 60 to 79 – You are usually paid on Thursday
  • 80 to 99 – You are usually paid on Friday

But the pairing of back-to-back bank holidays means Thursday and Friday payments are out of action next week.

The good news is that you don’t have to wait until after the festivities, as your payments will arrive soon.

Instead you will see money in your bank account or normal payment method on Wednesday, June 1.

This is the last working day before the four-day bank holiday weekend.

If your National Insurance Number ends in the digits 60 to 99, you are likely to be affected by this change.

If it ends in another number, or you are usually paid on another day of the week that is not affected by bank holiday dates, you will receive your payment as usual.

Will the amount of state pension paid to me change?

Exactly how much money you get will not change, even if it is paid on a different day.

For this the only thing you have to keep in mind is how it will affect your budget.

Remember that paying earlier than usual means you will have to stretch the money for a few extra days of the month.

This means that your budget for June will last longer because you will have to wait until the next August payment.

If your money is not paid on time, you should normally double check the date of receipt of payment and contact your bank before calling DWP.

If something’s not right, so can you File a complaint with DWP.

What other bank holidays can affect Universal Credit?

Britons have been time-locked lately, with so many bank holidays coming up in the spring and summer months.

However, there is much more to come, which means more payment disruptions, so make a note of important changes in your diary.

The end of August is another bank holiday, and before you know it, Christmas will start all over again.

Here is a complete list of remaining bank holidays in 2022 that could affect your benefit payments:

  • Thursday, June 2 – Spring Bank Holiday
  • Friday, June 3 – Platinum Jubilee Bank Holiday
  • Monday, August 29 – Summer Bank Holiday
  • Monday, December 26 – Boxing Day
  • Tuesday, December 27 – Christmas Day (Replacement Day)
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The state pension isn’t the only benefit the Queen has interrupted with her big celebrations – thousands of people on Universal Credit will Payment Dates Moved Because of the birth anniversary.

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