Burger King fans can grab a free meal today – but there’s a catch


If you’re feeling a little nervous but your wallet is a little stretched, you might want to head over to score Burger King’s latest freebie.

fast food giants Giving away free food today – but there’s a catch.


Fast-Food Fans Can Get a FREE Burger Todaycredit: Burger King

After going off the menu last year, its Cheese Bacon Lovers range has made a triumphant comeback.

and with this, a brand new offer has landed.

fans can get free burger From the range of today, tomorrow and Sunday.

Flame-Grilled Cheesy Bacon Beef Single or Tender Cheesy Bacon Chicken Single are both ready to grab.

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Normally they set back £6.49 for each, but hungry customers can get treats completely free – on one condition, anyway.

They have to order one of the snacks first to enjoy the second burger from completely free range.

This also has to be done on a single transaction Burger King App,

That means you won’t have much luck running into you nearest branch In hopes of scoring a freebie with a straight bat.

What you have to do instead is download the free app on your phone and go to the Offers tab.

There, for this weekend only, you’ll be able to add exclusive Buy one get one free deal.

Simply “add this to your mobile order” where you get to choose from two burgers for the cost of just one.

Otherwise fans will have to spend £12.98 for a meal, but they can save 50%.

Once you’ve added an offer, you get to choose whether you collect it from the drive thru or the counter.

You can also use it in person at the restaurant, but you’ll need to arm yourself with a voucher before going to the cashier.

You can do this in the same place on the app – just click “Use in Restaurants.”

However, the voucher given to you is only for 15 minutes, so you need to order quickly to avoid getting lost.

And the freebie only applies to a few from the Cheesy Bacon Lovers range, but you can claim it over and over again throughout the weekend — as long as you make a qualifying purchase every time.

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Burgers aren’t the only new thing on the menu. Burger King is Now selling Fanta Lemon and Fanta Strawberry frozen drinks Too.

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