CASH IN I’m a Dollar Tree expert – You’ll save money on name-brand items if you DON’T buy them at discount store

Customers frequently think they are getting a great deal at the discount store, but they can be overpaying.

Customers at the well-known business have been urged to exercise caution when choosing items from the aisles.

Even while you may believe you have saved some money, you may actually be paying more for your preferred brands.

That’s because certain brands are not as reasonably priced as you might believe.

According to Michael Bonebright, a former senior editor at, food stores frequently provide higher discounts than businesses like Dollar Tree.

He clarified: “Brand-name products are frequently sold in dollar stores, albeit in fewer numbers than in the grocery store.

“This implies that you can wind up paying too much per ounce or each count.

For instance, Walmart sells a 32-ounce bottle of the identical product for only a few cents more than Dollar General, which charges $2 for a 22-ounce bottle of Lysol All Purpose Cleaner.

Therefore, to guarantee you receive the best bargain for your money, it is best to verify the labeling and size of the item.

We previously discussed how a shopping guru highlighted the 10 things to stay away from buying at Dollar Tree.

In a recent video, Sarah, also known as sensationalfinds on TikTok, discussed which goods to buy and which to avoid at the Dollar Tree.

She advised other bargain customers to stay away from items like shampoo, flip-flops, batteries, and garbage bags in favor of cost-effective substitutes.

Another ardent supporter of the Dollar Tree shared her thoughts on the things that are no longer worth a dollar.

Liz Fenwick, a discount shopper, asked people to reconsider their typical purchases after they increased their items’ prices to $1.25 each.

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