Chipotle customers who got orders delivered could be owed money after $4million lawsuit – deadline is in two days


CHIPOTLE customers to whom orders were delivered could be owed money after a $4 million lawsuit against the restaurant franchise is settled.

The class-action lawsuit was filed in 2021, and the deadline for affected consumers file a claim June 28 is Tuesday.


Customers who have ordered Chipotle through the company’s app and website may be eligible for a refund

The suit claimed that while Chipotle Free or $1 delivery fee promised, customers were actually charged more.

In fact, those who opted for delivery often found themselves with a 10 percent service charge and between 12 and 15 percent more for food. Crazy Coupon Lady,

His vote Customers ordering $40 worth of food Was hit with a $4 service fee that would not have been imposed on the pickup order.

If you ordered your Chipotle food within the last two years, you may be eligible for a refund.

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Anyone who placed an order on the Chipotle app or website between May 11, 2020 and January 19, 2022 may be entitled to $4 million a piece.

The lawsuit divides claimants into two groups: members of the Chipotle rewards program and those who are not.

Non-members will split $1 million in cash equally, depending on how many claims are submitted.

Chipotle Rewards members will be able to split another $3 million into vouchers instead of a cash payment.

Vouchers must be equal to the amount of a regular-priced entrance, which is valued at $8.50.

Unfortunately, if you ordered Chipotle, but did not do so directly through the company’s website or app, you will not be part of this agreement.

You must file a claim by June 28, 2022 to receive your payout.

To submit a claim, head official settlement website And follow the signs.

You will need your unique ID on the settlement notice you received in the mail to file your claim.

If you have lost or never received a settlement notice, contact the settlement administrator to obtain one by calling (855) 675-3034.

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