Cost of fry-up risen by 40p in the last year in latest blow to struggling families


Fry-up costs have risen 40p in the past year – the latest hard for families to swallow the shock of inflation.

Hearty Breakfast of Sausage, Bacon, Eggs, Beans, and Toast Original content now costs £6.83.


Inflation has increased the cost of fry-ups by 40p in the last yearcredit: Alamy

And while the odd 40p here and there may not seem like much, the total cost Struggling families will have to retreat On his British bangers.

This s. comes a few weeks afterSupermarket giant Morrisons adds 50 paise to the price of its cafe fry-upsraised it to £7.49.

Kantar’s Fraser McKewitt, analysts tracking supermarket grocery prices, said: “The £6.83 cost of a family fry-up is a significant 40p increase over last year.

“People are really feeling the squeeze til the supermarket.”

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A fifth of households say they are struggling and supermarket sales fell by 4.4 percent in the three months to mid-May.

But Mr McKevitt said people were likely to splurge for the Queen’s birth anniversary.

He added: “We should never underestimate the hunger for a party.”


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