Cost of value ranges of pasta, bread and baked beans rocket by 50 per cent in a year


Price categories of pasta, bread and baked beans have gone up by 50 per cent in a year.

The gloomy stats lay bare on the vast scale cost of living crisis,


Pasta, Bread and Baked Beans Rocket’s value range’s price rises by up to 50 percent in a yearcredit: getty

Experts from the Office for National Statistics track the prices of 30 food and beverage staples supermarket own brand and found that 24 of them had shot.

Pasta increased by 50 percent – the biggest jump of percentage.

Crisps rose by 17 per cent and bread and beef mince by 16 per cent.

Beef mince rose the most in terms of cash. A 500g pack rose from £2.02 in April last year to £2.34 this year – an increase of 32p.

The 500g pack of pasta went up from last April’s 36p to 53p.

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Fruit juice, breakfast cereals and baked beans have all increased in price as well.

Tory MP Robert Halfon of Harlow said: “People are being affected by the cost of the tsunami. I have people working seven days a week to feed their families.”

Whitehall insiders warn Huge jump in food prices as the war in Ukraine could be for a while and high energy cost continue.

A government source said: “We are monitoring the situation very closely.”

ONS data shows a handful of food prices have declined over the past year.

Potato fell from 87p to 2.5kg to 75p. Cheese has dropped from 95p to 88p for the 255g block while 300g pizza is now 95p – down from 99p last year.

Overall, the prices of its own brand chain of food and drink have increased by six per cent over the year – around the same level of inflation.

And as some manufacturers fluctuate prices, others are turning to shrink, cutting down on pack sizes to keep costs down, Ons said.

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Inflation hit 9 per cent in April and is expected to remain at 10 per cent by Christmas.

Last week, Chancellor Rishi Sunak announces £21bn cost of living package,


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