Deadline for million of Americans to claim up to $1,000 direct payments in less than TWO weeks – what you need to do now


COLORADO taxpayers only have two weeks left to receive stimulus checks of up to $1,000.

Colorado Governor Jared Polis reminded residents Earlier this week to file your state taxes by June 30 get refund on time.


Colorado residents who file before June 30 will receive $500 or more of $1,000credit: getty

come as payment Tax exemption as a way to help neutralize the effects of inflation,

“I urge all Coloradans to complete their state tax filings immediately so that you can receive the Colorado cashback exemption on time this summer,” Mr. Polis said.

“If you wait until the final extension deadline before June 30 or until mid-October, you probably won’t get your refund until next January,” he said.

The deadline to claim was originally May 31 but was extended by the state legislator.

how to claim

Colorado Cashback will provide single filers with a $500 check and joint filers can receive up to $1,000.

To receive a refund in August, full-year residents must file a Colorado personal income tax return for either the 2021 tax year.

Additionally, residents can also apply for the 2021 Property Tax/Rent/Heat Rebate Credit (PTC) by June 30.

Taxpayers who do not file returns by June 30 can still file an extension, but must do so before October 17.

Those filing the extension can expect to receive their refund by January 2023.

Residents can still claim the exemption even if they do not have taxable income.

To be eligible, residents must be full-year Colorado residents who were at least 18 years old as of December 31, 2021.

About 90% filers are likely to file on time by April 15, the statement said.

While the remaining 10% will most likely file by the extended deadline of October 15.

Those who have applied by April 15 need not take any additional action and will receive their refund at the end of this summer.

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The Sun explains how more than two million Americans can get up $1,500 payment in a new program.

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