Emma Raducanu 6-7, 7-5, 6-1 Linda Noskova LIVE SCORE: Brit WINS opener after early scare


British sensation Emma Radukanu defeated Czech Republic’s Linda Noskova 6-7, 7-5, 6-1 in the first round of the French Open.

The US Open champions took a 2-0 and 4-2 lead in the first set, but the Czech made a spectacular comeback to win the tie-break, leaving Radukanu to do it all.

However, Radukanu made a brilliant fightback to win the second set 7-5.

And he wrapped things up with a major decider, winning it 6-1.

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  • last word

    Read Rob Maul’s report from Paris right here

    ‘EMMA RADUCANU’s first tango in Paris proved to be a win as she bounced a stunning check from the French Open.

    ‘Britain’s first appearance in the main draw of this clay-court slam proved to be an extremely difficult task Over the course of two and a half hours.,

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  • match statistics

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  • Emma says

    “It was an absolute fight. Linda is playing some amazing tennis and getting really fired up.

    “As soon as I dropped my ball speed it was hitting me.

    “I’m really proud of the way I fought.”

  • Radukanu wins!

    What a fightback from the US Open champion.

    Emma Radukanu won the first round of this epic match 6-7 7-5 6-1 in two hours and 37 minutes.

    She is smiling and feeling relieved now. A great effort with both his tennis and mental flexibility.

  • Radukanu 6-7 7-5 *5-1 Noskova

    Another double break in the net from Noskova.

    Radukanu yells ‘Come on’ as she goes just one game ahead of the win.

    It’s been one hell of a fight here, but it looks like he’s there now.

    ,credit: Reuters
  • Radukanu 6-7 7-5 4-1* Noskova

    A perfect serve out wide is in the works for Radukanu.

    She maintains and takes a 4-1 lead in this final set. The 19-year-old is now just two games away from Gaurav.

    Noskova missed more chances to make a comeback. Chances are she didn’t seem to miss in set one.

  • Radukanu 6-7 7-5 *3-1 Noskova

    Service break!

    Radukanu hits the first in the final set. A double handed backhand is worked down the line at the break point.

    Noskova’s head falls to the floor. He has fought a big battle but now his work is over.

    ,credit: AFP
  • Radukanu 6-7 7-5 2-1* Noskova

    What’s the catch A grueling game with Emma’s chance of winning.

    And she finally makes it through when Noskova misses the tramline.

    2:19 pm now on the clock and it looks like we still have a lot of tennis to play.

  • Radukanu 6-7 7-5 *1-1 Noskova

    It was better than Noskova.

    She serves and makes sure she doesn’t fall behind early on in this decision.

    Radukanu is asking all the right questions from behind the courtroom, but the 17-year-old is still up to it.

  • Radukanu 6-7 7-5 1-0* Noskova

    A perfect start to the final set from Radukanu.

    He has turned this match on its head and now it is a dictatorship game.

    Noskova needs a lot of effort. Radukanu would like to suppress this advantage at home.

  • Radukanu 6-7 7-5 Noskova

    Game and another set! As we tick over two hours, Radukanu pulls up the level.

    What game was that? Noskova performed incredibly well to save the set point and bring up her own game point.

    But he made a few more mistakes and it was a Radukanu drop shot that won the game.

    We are going to the decider.

    ,credit: Reuters
  • Radukanu 6-7 6-5* Noskova

    Back off the ledge – and back behind.

    Radukanu took the win but kept his spirits up to guarantee at least one tie-break in this set.

    It was really nerve-wracking about that game. Noskova widened some groundstrokes she hadn’t done before.

  • Radukanu 6-7 *5-5 Noskova

    Radukanu had his chances – but Noskova held on.

    She won four consecutive points to exit the 0-30 hole when she was two points away from losing the set.

    But we are all square again.

  • Radukanu 6-7 5-4* Noskova

    It is much better than Radukanu.

    For once she was dominating the rallies and leading them.

    Noskova must be feeling tense now.

  • Radukanu 6-7 *4-4 Noskova

    Radukanu breaks down again. Immediate response from the US Open champion.

    It’s twice Noskova has appeared on this set and gone into her shell just a little bit.

    Radukanu jumps up and is back on the service.

  • Radukanu 6-7 3-4* Noskova

    A break to love! Noskova is in front again in the second set.

    She completely dominated Radukanu’s serve in that game and is now just two games away from glory.

    Big problem for Radukanu.

  • Radukanu 6-7 *3-3 Noskova

    Noskova holds up and in quick time.

    She seems to be getting back on track after staggering. That game seemed like a big part of the first set.

    ,credit: Reuters
  • Radukanu 6-7 3-2* Noskova

    A few panicky moments but Radukanu again in the third set holds his nose and sticks his nose.

    Now he has a purpose in reaching the chair. His head seemed to have fallen a while back.

  • Radukanu 6-7 *2-2 Noskova

    A Break Back! This was just what Radukanu needed.

    Noskova is probably showing a bit of tension for the first time as she misses a backhand that was pretty automatic throughout the match.

    A fist pump from Radukanu welcomes the break. There is still a lot of battle left in him.

  • Radukanu 6-7 1-2* Noskova

    Noskova breaks down!

    It is now a worrying time for Radukanu. She loses her service and is clearly losing the groundbreaking battle here.

    Noskova has control over most of the points. His groundstrokes are on point and he is thrown into the awkward drop shot as well as Radukanu is forced so deep.

  • Radukanu 6-7 *1-1 Noskova

    Noskova also got off to a good start in the second set.

    He feels that he has the beat of Radukanu in the power game and is still the more aggressive player.

  • Radukanu 6-7 1-0* Noskova

    Just what Emma needed to start the second set.

    She went for a long toilet break and a little rethinking, and she came back and stopped at 30.

    ,credit: Reuters
  • Oh no, Rads

    Radukanu lost the opening set to Linda Noskova after the tie-break.

    The Czech is hitting his spots and has an amazing backhand despite his age.

    What a disappointment after 65 minutes.

    If Radukanu wants to progress, she has to do it the hard way.

  • Radukanu 6-6 Noskova

    It’s 3-3 on a change of ends. Radukanu dropped deeper and deeper there and ended up hitting a couple of defensive lobs back in the game.

    The last of which was too short and Noskova went on to finish it.

    Tense moments in this match.

  • for the tie-break we go

    Emma Radukanu is up 6-6 with the double backhand winner and the first set will be decided at the tie-break.

    It is becoming a tough task for Britain against a player who is two years his junior.

    She would be the favorite to go 1-0 up but that is not a given.


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