F1 Miami Grand Prix LIVE RESULTS: Verstappen WINS race ahead of Leclerc as Hamilton finishes up in SIXTH


Wolfe’s “No Man’s Land” Comment

Mercedes boss Toto Wolff has admitted his team is in “no man’s land” after five races of the new Formula One season.

Merck is well off championship momentum with Brit star George Russell in fourth place with his current forerunner – but still 45 points behind Ferrari star and leader, Charles Leclerc.

But after Russell finished fifth and teammate Lewis Hamilton sixth at the Miami GP, and with ongoing concerns about the performance of his car and strategy, Wolff admitted there was still work to be done.

He told Sky Sports: “At the end of the day there is no joy or happiness moment at the moment because we are a little down.

“We’re third fastest on the road and we’re in No Man’s Land. We had a good Friday. We need to figure out why that was and then come back.”


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