Five car dealership add-ons you should AVOID when buying a new car – and two you should consider


When you negotiate the price of a new car above its base MSRP, you have the option of dealership add-ons.

but only specific Vehicle Dealership add-ons are worth their price.


Your new car is your automotive canvas—paint it with the right featurescredit: getty

Auto dealerships typically describe add-on features as “available” features.

Supplemental features within a model’s trim are typically labeled as “standard”.

There are a variety of facilities available.

Factory-installed options The car has features installed at the manufacturer’s factory before it arrives at the dealership, motorbiscuit Report.

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According to MotorBiscuit, port-installed options are imported from overseas as they arrive at their port of entry.

Dealers installed facilities are installed at the dealership’s commercial location.

You will find all the information and options of the car reported in its sticker.

Bank rate has published a list of dealer options you should avoid—and their first suggestion is to stay away from rustproofing.

Rustproofing is an undercoating a vehicle that provides additional corrosion protection,

Rustproofing will run you around $1,200—which is a steep price considering that most new cars that come out of their factory have excellent corrosion protection.

The same consideration applies when deciding whether or not to choose a protective paint sealant, which can cost up to $200.

The vast majority of new cars have exceptional paint protection. You can keep your car’s paint looking great with regular washing and waxing.

Clothing protection as an add-on may seem like a no-brainer, but a bottle of Scotchgard will do the job for less, reports Bankrate.

Bankrate describes VIN etching, saying: “VIN etching is a process that allows you to create an adhesive plastic stencil that contains the vehicle identification number, or VIN, of your car.

“Then you put that stencil on a window and apply a special acid solution that chemically burns, or numbers on the glass.”

car vehicle identification number example


car vehicle identification number examplecredit: getty

Or you can use an at-home kit and save yourself some cash.

The Extended Warranty Banknote is the ultimate suggestion to avoid dealership add-ons—but the suggestion isn’t quite as straightforward.

Many drivers can avoid purchasing an extended warranty because most new cars include a manufacturer warranty.

Even if you buy a used one, certified pre-owned vehicles often have remaining warranty coverage.

If you’re buying a used one and don’t want to spend $1,000 or more for an extended warranty, get serious about taking care of your vehicle’s routine maintenance.

Timely auto maintenance will help you avoid costly repairs in the future.

One dealership add-on you can consider is Gap Insurance.

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If you get into an accident and the cash value of your car is less than what you owe – difference insurance will cover the difference.

Drivers should consider gap insurance if they are taking out large, extended loans where the upside is more likely to end up.


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