Four items you should always buy at Home Bargains – and the two things to get elsewhere


Home bargains have almost everything you might need at every aisle turn, so how do you limit what to add to the basket?

We reveal the four items you should always buy at the budget superstore—and two things you’re better off getting elsewhere.


Home Bargains stocks everything, but what should you buy?credit: Alamy

domestic deals Already stocks a lot of everyday home products at low prices, but from time to time it will slash costs with special “Star Buys” and limited-time sales.

In addition, the store has its own range of products which are quite familiar to the more priced options of the rivals.

This means securing domestic deals gullible A great way to make your wallet happy too.

But remember that this is only a bargain if you plan to buy anyway.

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You shouldn’t buy something just because it’s a bargain price, or a discount, otherwise you may be over budget.

You must also have a shop before you can print.

There is great competition from the likes of Home Bargains B&M And regionSo you may find that there is a better deal on offer elsewhere.

Even Budget Supermarkets Aldi Has given the store a run for its money in the past.

In that case, you may find that there are a few things firmly on the shelf to leave behind—we reveal which items should be giving you the cold shoulder, and which ones to add straight to your basket:

The Items You Should Always Buy at Home Bargains

your food store items

Home Bargains doesn’t just stock the obvious buys to flesh out your personal space.

The huge store stocks everything to fill the pantry as well.

You can buy everything from snacks to essentials at a discounted price.

And often you’ll find that the products work out cheaper than in supermarkets.

daily Record reports that a staple bread is up to 30% cheaper at a bargain store than on the shelf of a major grocery store.

Costing only 79p, they found it was 31p cheaper than the £1.10, the same product usually sold in large supermarkets.

and something to cook

You’ve stocked the cupboards on all those groceries you didn’t know you could find at home bargains, and now it’s time to get cooking.

Luckily the store has another aisle dedicated to electronics and all kinds of kitchen gadgets that will have dinner on the table in no time.

You can get everything from blenders to slow cookers, to air fryers.

Home Bargains Selling One Only £45. for air fryer – Which is around £30 cheaper than rivals.

It makes it a no-brainer to store it above any other competition.

something smelly

No, we’re not talking about the food on this one.

But down a separate aisle entirely on the other side of the store, you can buy at your stinky price.

shop is Calvin Klein: One Summer EDT For only £19.99 in a 100ml bottle on the shelves.

Elsewhere you can expect to pay around £44.00 for a bottle of perfume.

But when shopping at Home Bargains, savers can pocket £24.01.

Other examples include, Davidoff Cool Water SprayWhich is only £17.99 at Home Bargains, but at least £34 more expensive.

and there is also Anna Sui Stinks Under a Tenor – Rock Me! Summer of Love perfume has a registered retail price of £30, or three times that.

and garden gear

Home Bargains has everything for the outside of your home as well, with an endless array of stunning garden furniture.

But if you’re after the best bang for your buck, you should make sure you buy the big one from the store rather than elsewhere.

Take Home Bargains’ Rattan Corner Sofa for example.

New Hampshire Corner Sofa Set Costs £249.99.

but Almost exact copy of Aldi £50 more is £299.99 . Feather

Both the sofas have the same rattan effect design and you can choose from an array of colors.

They both come with an extra footstool or table in tow, but Aldi’s is 20% more expensive.

things to be found elsewhere

baby buys

Buying essentials for your little ones can be done on a budget, but only if you know the right place to look.

Home Bargains may not be the one to meet that criteria as we’ve seen better deals elsewhere.

The store sells its nappies in bulk, which is great if you’re stocking up, but can have a huge upfront impact on your wallet.

100 Pampers Nappies For example, the store price is £15.96.

While it’s still over £7 cheaper than rivals, you can actually get away with not paying a dime for similar products elsewhere.

Aldi buyers can pick up Free Nappies In-Store With vouchers easy to claim.

Supermarket shoppers can get free 24 Pack of Mamiya Take the size of a newborn nappy, which usually costs 79p.

you have to sign up a netmms testAnd you’ll be mailed your free voucher that you can only claim at an Aldi store.

and something to play with

Home Bargains has a whole host of toys and games to keep your child engaged for hours.

And there’s no denying that each is a bargain buy too – prices can start at just Rs. 99p,

But if you have a raging little one, and only the best brands will do, you may want to shop elsewhere.

And now may be your only chance — for example, the Disney Store has launched Huge Toys Sale With Up To 50% Off Close to Lego, Funko and more.

This makes some of its goodies even cheaper than home bargains right now.

A Funko doll we saw at The Sun was slashed to just £5.50, for example – meanwhile the same brand stocked by Home Bargains had prices starting at one cost £9.99,

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