Four ways to bag a bargain at B&M as it warns of price rises


B&Ms are usually full of bargains, but as a cost of living crisis, price hikes can get in the way of everyone’s favorite budget store.

The value retailer has reported declining sales over the past year, brought on by cost of life crisis,


Here B&M. How to bargaincredit: alamy

Many buyers are trying to curb their spending because inflation Pushes prices to their highest levels on the shelves.

they also have rising bills, rising upMore to contend with, in order to keep the household budget afloat, to sacrifice some of the more holiday-based purchases from the likes of B&Ms or similar.

As a result, B&M said its similar sales in the latest eight weeks have been down 13.2% from a year ago levels.

But for fans of the store, it might mean watching price tag up on store shelves.

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In a sales review posted today, B&M Chief Executive Simon Arora said: “Looking ahead, it is difficult to accurately estimate the net impact many different factors can have on the business.

“These include, but are not limited to, the impact of rising inflation on product cost prices and consumer spending.”

That doesn’t mean buyers still can’t find a good deal at the supermarket on things they still buying Although.

Mr. Arora also added: “The retail industry is facing inflationary pressures, while our customers are facing a significant increase in the cost of living, making it difficult to predict spending behavior in the coming year. It is done.

“However, we have seen before that during such times customers will increasingly seek value for money, and B&M is ideally placed to meet those needs.

“As such, we are well positioned to support the communities in which we do business and continue our long-term growth strategy.”

Here are four ways to bargain at B&M, even when prices rise.

right time

Often when you’re looking for a deal, the time of day you walk into the store can affect what you pick up and at what price.

Shoppers have guessed facebook forumFor example, that Tuesday is when employees reduce food, pet items, and cleaning products.

They have claimed that the old stock will often be discounted and seasonal goods Also on Thursday and Saturday.

That being said, the discounts and deductions can’t really be determined for one day of the week, as B&M has confirmed in the past that different products will be marked down in price every day.

So if there’s no set day of the week to shop – what about the time of day?

Stock may be subject to availability, so once employees start shorting items at 7.30 a.m., any day of the week, you’ll want to be first in line.

You can find out when your nearest store opens using B&M’s online shop finder tool,

scan the room

Many fans claim they have saved hundreds of pounds by using store barcode scanner,

It’s a free app you download to your phone that lets you see if an item’s price is cheaper than what’s advertised on a store shelf – uncovering deals “hidden” around the store.

On a Facebook forum dedicated to the app, B&M Scanners & Other DealsUsers have shared everything one-off search from 10p From £100 the price has been halved.

But the number of scans you can do will differ from day to day, and takes a little luck.

Of course, you have to remember that it’s only a bargain if you plan to buy it anyway.

The app can be useful for cheapening out items you’ve already picked up, but you don’t tend to buy items within a budget because they get depleted.

Sign me up

The easiest way to find a bargain in store is to sign up for B&M’s newsletter.

It’s free to do, you just need to hand over your email address details when prompted at the store Online landing page.

Frequent updates will keep you updated about its latest offers even you don’t even need to visit the shop.

The only trouble is that you may be bombarded with deals and sales that prompt you to spend more.

Be careful to buy everything the budget retailer recommends, even if it has gone through a price reduction or part of a great limited-time multiple-buy.

You will save only if you are planning to buy something anyway.

log on

Online Deal Finder Tools from the Picks of hotukdeals Or the latest deals, will do the hard work for you too.

By typing “B&M” into their search bar, you’ll be able to scroll through all the lists that filter by other fans, buyers, and experts.

All discounts already in effect, or due to crop up in stores soon pop up on bargain hunting blogs, taking all the guesswork out of your next trip to the store.

Plus, it means you can easily have a shop near you – which you should do any time you’re looking for the best deal.

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B&M is known for its low prices, but you may find an even better deal at similar discount rivals like Home Bargains. Aldi,

google shopping There is a great online tool that can help you compare similar for similar and find the cheapest price easily.

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