Freshly discovered Tesla hack can give thieves their own key – how to stay safe


TESLA’s NFC card allows drivers to unlock their vehicle with a sensor mounted next to the car door—but the convenience does carry some risk.

Teslas Unlocked with NFC cards enter a 130-second state where they are open to accept digital keys from outside parties with no indication of vehicle show.


tesla nfc cardcredit: Tesla

This unprotected period lasts 130 seconds – the same time a Tesla driver can start their car with their NFC card after unlocking the vehicle.

Australian security researcher Martin Herfert found that Tesla exchanged messages with any nearby Bluetooth Low Energy device, Ars Technica Report.

Herfurt created an app called TeslaKey that speaks VCSec, which is what Tesla’s app uses to communicate with its vehicles.

Herfurt’s malicious version of Teslaki proves the ease with which he can nominate digital key During this 130 second interval.

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The only requirement for a successful infraction is to be within range of the car.

Drivers who unlock their car with Tesla’s phone-as-a-key app are at similar risk.

Hackers can use signal jammers to block the BLE frequency emitted by Tesla’s phone-as-a-key app and force it to use a driver’s NFC card.

Thieves with Tesla digital keys can unlock, start and stop the car, Ars Technica Report.

Herfurt has successfully hacked Tesla’s Model Y and Model X.

While Herfurt hasn’t tested his finding on Tesla’s 2021+ Model S and Model X—he estimates these vehicles are at risk because they use the same phone-as-a-key support system.

Tesla did not respond to an email seeking comment on the matter, wired Report.

According to Wired, Herbert uncovered additional Tesla vulnerabilities in 2019 and 2021, only to experience more radio silence from the electric maker.

Ways to Unlock Different Tesla Models


Ways to Unlock Different Tesla Modelscredit: Recon Conference


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