Fury as ‘nonsense’ loophole means thousands of people miss out on £400 cost of living payment while others get DOUBLE


A “nonsense” loophole has sparked an online fury, as thousands will miss a living payment of £400, while others will get double.

Angry bill payers have taken to social media to speak out against the £400 energy bill discount, Announced by Chancellor Rishi Sunaki in May.


Not all renters will be able to receive a £400 cash grant for energy billscredit: Alamy

It was announced that the moneypot is for “every” household and does not need to be paid back – in an effort to help those who choose between heating and eating, as energy prices rise.

But cash is too good to be true and not everyone deserves it.

Some renters should be careful about what they can expect, such as these flaws This means that they can be excluded from the bonus.

If your landlord makes direct payments every month and your bill is named, £400 will go straight into their pocket.

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Similarly, if you pay an “all-in” fee that includes your rent and utilities — like water, energy and WiFi — you won’t be able to get your hands on cash.

Those who live in the park house and pay the pitch fee to the site owner will not even be able to see the money themselves.

What else is boiled in the tempering Escape route That people with two properties would get double the discount – even if they were heating only one house at a time.

And landlords with portfolios of multiple homes may be paid £400 repeatedly – ​​one for each of their homes.

One Twitter user said: “What the fuck.”

Someone else on Facebook said: “Why not it’s meant to be tested. The rich don’t need it.”

Another said: “Temporary reforms are all ruined except the rich.”

And one added: “That 1 month was then sorted into winter.”

Some bill payers online asked why the extra money couldn’t go towards reducing energy bills so that everyone could make their payments again.

One social media user said: “Instead of giving us £400 each to help with growth, why not just stop companies from growing in the first place?”

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Another said: “If it is indeed because the global situation is driving up prices, then subsidizing this extra money to companies to prevent them from raising prices.

“Stop worrying people get sick of themselves to see if they can afford to survive!”

One particularly long rant brushed aside the finer details of the cash grant.

It asked: “Do rich people who have more than one asset get a discount on each one?

“What about poor people, or even less affluent people, or students, who share a house or a flat … there will be only one energy bill between them, so they will not get £400 each, they will get £ 400 is divided by the number of people sharing.

“What about landlords having property where they have energy bills in their name… will they get £400 per property?

“The scheme looks badly thought out and is likely to benefit the rich and punish the poor.”


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