Gunman Opens Fire At North Carolina Comedy Club Featuring ‘The Office’ Costar Craig Robinson

Comedian Craig Robinson and the crowd fled when gunfire erupted outside a North Carolina comedy club where he was scheduled to perform on Saturday night, according to authorities.

Just after 9 o’clock at night, a shooter barged into The Comedy Zone in Charlotte, demanding that everyone get out of the place. Robinson and the rest of the audience fled to a venue right next to them for safety as a result. His show was postponed.

Robinson, or “Darryl” from “The Office,” wrote about the encounter on Instagram.

“I’m giving a performance at Charlotte, North Carolina’s Comedy Zone. The comedy club had a shooter who was still active. They moved us to this location since a concert was going on, so the “Office” star figured he’d share that with the audience.

I’m secure. I’m mellow. It was crazed In the green room, they yelled, “Everyone get out!” as I was there. Yes, that was a special moment.

Later, the shooter opened fire at random outside the club. The shooter was detained, and there were no injuries recorded.

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