How much does it cost to run an air conditioning unit and leave it on overnight?


Brits could be hotter this weekend than in the Sahara, which demands only one thing – turning on the AC.

But an air conditioner can really add you Bills, We take a look.


Keeping the air con on all night can cost you dearlycredit: getty

forecasters are predicting baking Yesterday’s high of 34C,

Dubbed, “Fire Friday,” it might just be the hottest day of the year.

But when it can be tempting to buy Air conditioner And leave it on all night, it can add to your energy bill at a time when British pockets are already stretched.

electricity bill last month 54% increaseBringing the average annual price a family has to pay to £1,971.

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What's cheaper to run a fan or an air con as millions of Britons face 28C heat

that’s because Price cap increased on 1st AprilThe standard tariffs for around 18 million households across the UK add on average around £700 to bills.

But bill payers are not yet clear, as raising the limit further may make it possible £2,800. move up to Later in the year as well, adding another £800 to the bills.

But the air conditioning isn’t free to run, so you’ll need to keep all this in mind when you switch it on.

How much does it cost to run an air conditioner?

An air conditioner with a unit size of up to 10kw costs around 38p per hour to run, according to evergreen air conditioning,

The average person uses their air con for about four hours 18 minutes during the day and four hours 48 minutes at night.

Based on this running time of about nine hours in total, day and night, this could add £24 a week to your energy bill.

If you only have an overnight air conditioner to keep you cool while you sleep – assuming nine hours in bed – it will cost about as much.

But if you’re running it all night and a few days, it can escalate even more.

The cost of running it depends on how long you use it, but also what type of air conditioner you have and the amount you pay for energy.

You Can Save Money on the Cost of Running an Air Con Unit using a fan rather than.

In comparison, it costs around £1.64 per week.

Fans cool by blowing air over your skin, while air conditioners cool the entire room by removing heat.

How else can I keep cool in the summer?

Relying on the air conditioner to keep you cool can be a very costly way to deal with heatwaves this year, but there are other options you can try.

DIY website family handyman There have been ideas that involve spraying a sheet with cold water covering the window opening.

With this hack, air will hit the sheets and pass through a cool, damp cloth, which can help bring down the temperature in your home.

The site also suggests trying insulated window films that you can buy to stick to your window.

This cheaper option to buy can help cut energy costs as well as provide privacy, while you can still enjoy the view and light from outside.

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They are designed to provide up to 98% infrared heat reduction compared to unprotected windows and reduce the temperature inside.

They can only buy £11 from places like heroine Too.

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