How To Find The Black Market In Spelunky 2

The Black Market is a particularly clandestine shop containing items that can’t be found elsewhere in Spelunky 2 — here’s how to find it.

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Many game worlds provide plenty of opportunities to get a ton of wealth and goodies. Spelunky 2 offers areas filled to the brim with treasure as well as plenty of shops to spend it at. While the variety of shops can definitely offer a lot of different items, sometimes you want something a little rarer.

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You won’t be able to find high-end goods unless you’re willing to look in the right places. This game contains a lot of secrets and hidden areas that won’t reveal themselves so easily, and that includes the questionably criminal and clandestine Black Market.


What Is The Black Market?

The Shops In The Black Market

Of all the hidden areas in Spelunky 2, the Black Market is one of the most interesting. Not only is it an area without enemies (not including angry Shopkeepers), it contains over 7 different shops that are generated randomly. For certain runs, this area is necessary to complete them as it contains items that can’t be obtained anywhere else. When you’re done, you can leave through another exit which will take you straight to the next level.

This area has become a staple of the Spelunky series, but it’s more accessible in Spelunky 2 than its predecessor. However, be warned that this area will be extremely dangerous if the Shopkeeper Association is angry with you. Also, keep in mind that the Black Market won’t spawn wherever the Moon Challenge is taking place.

How To Get To The Black Market

Empty Shops In The Black Market

Just like in Spelunky, the Black Market can only be accessed from the Jungle area. Its entrance can be found on Levels 2-2, 2-3, or 2-4 by destroying environmental objects to reveal it. There are certain steps you can take to find it much easier.

  • If you see a Locked Chest, find the Key and unlock it to get the Udjat Eye. This acts as a sort of radar that will blink when the door to the Black Market is nearby. The blinking intensifies the closer you get.
  • Without the Udjat Eye, you’ll need to listen very carefully. In Spelunky 2, the Black Market has a distinct musical theme that can be heard when you’re close to the entrance.
  • Make sure you bring plenty of Bombs to clear the area and look for the entrance. Don’t worry about destroying the ground beneath the entrance since it’s located on an unbreakable platform.
  • To make the most of your visit to the Black Market, you should collect as much gold and treasure as you can before you reach Level 2-2. If you decide to hold out until Level 2-4, be careful not to miss your chance to get in.
  • Of all the items that the Black Market has to offer, the rarest and most valuable is the Hedjet. This item is necessary to access the City Of Gold and allows you to pull Excalibur out of the stone. It will always spawn in the Black Market with the huge price tag of $40,000, but you can knock it down to $36,000 with the Big Spender discount.

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