How to get a refund or compensation on your flight and holiday as thousands of TUI and Easyjet flights cancelled


Thousands of TUI and EasyJet flights have been canceled this summer, but what does this mean for your vacation budget? Will the money ever return to your wallet?

Mass cancellations have angered customers as they complained long queues and delays Losing your precious vacation time in airports as well this summer.


Thousands of TUI and Easyjet flights have been canceled this summercredit: getty

hundreds of flights have been canceled Just as parents prepare their children to go abroad during half-baked holidays.

And with summer holidays also not far away, more disruptions are expected from time to time.

the police had to step in And tell the weary Tui passengers that their flight was canceled after an eight-hour delay in a fresh bout of chaos.

The airline is also ready to cancel hundreds of flights next month too,

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TUI and EasyJet customers affected by cancellation to claim compensation

Meanwhile, EasyJet has announced Will cancel more than 200 flights this summer,

About 24 flights from Gatwick will be closed every day until June 6.

A statement from the airline read: “We are deeply sorry for the inconvenience caused by some of these cancellations and for customers booked on these flights, although we believe our best efforts are to provide reliable services during this busy period.” For this it is necessary.

“The customers have been informed and provided an option to rebook their flight or get a refund and can apply for compensation as per the rules.”

Meanwhile, the cancellation of TUI affected hundreds more.

Its own spokesperson said: “We would like to apologize to our customers who have experienced flight disruptions in recent days and understand that they have been looking forward to these holidays for a long time.

“The May half-term holidays are always an incredibly busy period with many customers looking to get away, and this year is no different.

“Unfortunately, due to ongoing challenges in our operations, we have only had to announce a small number of planned cancellations from Manchester Airport.

But travelers have been warned that the disruption could be worse as unions have determined all airport madness to remain in place “all summer”.

and also Martin Lewis warns You check your fine print and scrape back whatever you may be owed for the inconvenience.

But can you get a refund or compensation on your flight and vacation, and how do you get the money back in your wallet?

Can I get a refund or compensation if my flight is canceled?

As long as you’re facing a certain series of events, you can usually get your money back when your vacation goes wrong.

Most passengers will be protected by the disallowed boarding regulations.

This means that you will either have to offer a full refund for a canceled flight or a seat on the next possible flight, or another at a better time.

If you leave to wait a while between the canceled flight and your new flight you will have to make ends meet.

This means that if you have to stay overnight between the time of the reimbursed flight and the cancellation, you will be provided with food, accommodation and transfers to make up for the inconvenience.

If your flight is delayed by three hours or more, you may even get some money back.

How do I get back what I owe?

If you want to get something you owe back, you will have to go directly to your travel provider.

EasyJet customers can visit manage my booking On its website or app, where you can change your flight for free, get a voucher to use over the next 12 months or request a full refund.

Meanwhile, TUI customers can do this on their own. refund request page,

If you’re after a full refund, you should get it back within seven days.

To claim compensation However, usually your flight needs to have departed from a UK airport, arrived at a UK airport and was with a UK or EU airline, or arrived in the EU and was with a UK airline.

You may be able to claim it for £220 per person on short trips, and say £520 on longer distances a travel specialist,

If these do not apply, you need to contact the airline to get back anything you think you may be owed.

Why can’t I get my money back?

The airline is not required to give you a refund if the flight was canceled for reasons beyond their control, such as extreme weather.

They’ll usually say this because it’s due to an “extraordinary circumstance,” but it can be a tricky subject, and many customers choose to contest.

You can try to challenge it if you think you should have gotten some of your money back, or at least were blown away in the first place.

For example, other airlines may have closed at the same time that yours was laid back.

Take any complaint to aviation regulator Civil Aviation Authority (CAA).

If you were warned to cancel you will not get any money back.

If you’re told at least two weeks in advance that you should have time to swap your bookings without penalty, that’s at least the airline thinks they won’t make automatic refunds.

You will not be able to claim compensation for flights that are canceled but re-routed that take you to your destination more than two hours later than planned.

You will definitely not get your money back if you opt for an alternate flight.

Should I take any action myself?

You may be worried about jeopardizing your vacation amid the chaos of recent travel, but jumping the gun could make you worse.

If you cancel your own flights without the correct cover you may be completely denied your money back.

A good way to make sure your back is covered is to get travel insurance.

If you cannot claim compensation directly through the airline, your travel insurance may give you a refund instead.

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Police Tell Tired TUI Passengers That Their Flight Has Been Canceled After 8 Hours

Policies vary so you should check the small print, but a delay of eight to 12 hours will generally mean that you qualify for some money from your insurer.

Be sure to get a written confirmation of your delay from the airport as your insurer will want to see some sort of proof of payment.

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