Huddersfield vs Luton LIVE REACTION: Rhodes goal sends Terriers to Wembley in Championship play-off


Nathan Jones Responds

Speaking to Sky Sports, Jones said:

“First and foremost, congratulations to Huddersfield. They have been excellent throughout the season, they finished third.

“Secondly, I couldn’t be more proud of my team. We were better tonight. We were the best side tonight.

“We missed chances in the first half. We should have been ahead.

“There was a bit of slackness, we didn’t clear it and then they scored with a set play which they do regularly.

“But we’ve been excellent tonight. So proud.

“Very proud of the team. So proud of how they went about their work.

“We’ve had to grapple with absolutely everything – if you look at our bench we don’t have the speed and power that we had. Tonight we’ve got eight missing, but look, I’m very proud of the group. “

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