I ate Queen’s Jubilee themed food for a week from Aldi’s platinum corgi sausages to Hellman’s coronation mayonnaise


This week Our Queen became the first British monarch after 70 years of service to celebrate Platinum Jubilee.

And like every other big occasion on our calendar, we Brits love to celebrate in a special way – through our stomachs.


fit for a queen! I Tried All These Jubilee Themed Foods

Because what’s a party (and two bank holidays) without showing our appreciation for LIz and its years of service by scoffing at food that suits us Queen.

And if we want to show our appreciation for Liz and her years of service, there’s plenty to eat to celebrate the four days.

Food and beverage brands have gone above and beyond to ensure that our supermarket shelves are loaded with new snacks, food and beverages.

So, I spent seven days trying out all the fabulous treats—and here I am, sharing my verdict.

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I wake up like a kid on Christmas Eve knowing chocolate for breakfast is finally considered acceptable.

I pop on the kettle, make myself a cup of PG Tips Limited Edition Jubilee Tea.

The box with wallpaper with corgi dogs brings a smile to my face which is rarely before 7 o’clock.

At this time I usually have eggs on toast, but today I try an ASDA limited edition Jubilee Scone topped with Cottage Delight Jubilee Clotted Cream and Jubilee Jam.

Lunch time comes and I excitedly go back to the fridge and take out what can only be described as the poshest “sausage rolls” I’ve ever feasted my eyes on.

M&S Honey Roast Ham Sausage Roll.

Adorned HRH, I can’t help but feel like a duchess as I tucked in.

It’s washed down with the first alcoholic drinks of my diet – Queens Jubilee Rhubarb and Ginger Gin.

As soon as I connect my mixer, the gin changes from Union Jack blue to Her Majesty’s royal purple.

Dinner time and this Coronation Chicken Pie from Farmison & Co. – is there anything more British than that?

The individual pies are handmade and stuffed with coronation chicken. I go to bed incredibly satisfied.

Drink – Royal British Legion Jubilee 100 Champagne.


Today’s breakfast is a Jubilee Coffee, courtesy of Bean’s New “Jubilee Cake” Instant Coffee.

It’s a delight, especially with the Morrisons Crown Shaped Vanilla Biscuit.

Time for lunch and this is royal afternoon tea for one!

I’ve ordered Jubilee Tea Hamper Delivery from Bradfords Bakers and it’s a brew from a box with chocolate covered strawberries, platinum jubilee cakes, and HRH’s picture on the front, with clotted cream and jam for me.

By dinner time I’m craving the big-time delicious meal that comes in the form of the Pork Farm Special Jubilee Edition Pork Pie from ASDA.

Dessert is a Union Jack donut from the Japan Center with a glass of Silent Pool Jubilee Gin and Tonic.


Breakfast on toast is Jubilee Raspberry Jam from Cottage Delight.

But it wouldn’t be a Jubilee celebration breaky without including the Jubilee Clotted Cream, now would it?

Lunch Jubilee Limited Edition Sage Cheese Hai Butler Farmhouse Cheese,

What is the theme of this jubilee? I feel as though I’m enjoying a slice with the recently released “Right Royal Pickles” from Trackelements.

As I read the packaging, I learned that Butler last made Sage Lancashire cheese 40 years ago in 1981, when he gifted it to the Queen and received a letter of thanks from Buckingham Palace. enough said.

It’s 3 p.m. and it’s been a while since I’ve had a Jubilee Sugar Rush so I snack on Popcorn Shed Jubilee Strawberry and Cream Popcorn during an afternoon Zoom meeting.

dinner. What is this? Anyone actually have to cook their own food?

To be honest, I’m secretly delighted when I get the chance to cook and when it comes in the form of the Gausto “The Queen Tees Range” Jubilee Meal Box.

Queen Lizzie’s homage to the so-called Guilty Pleasure is a venison burger with cranberry flavor recipe that I love to cook for myself.

dessert? Of course! Pierre Marcolini Chocolate in a Union Jack Box.

I push down a couple measuring glasses with a glass of Jubilee Ramsbury Vodka.


I start the day with Jubilee Rosé Honey, you guessed it, another scone.

It’s been four days and I’m starting to crave some kind of vegetable.

Turns out no one has launched a Jubilee themed salad or Queen’s Birthday Broccoli.

On the topic of no veg, I move on with lunch that includes ASDA’s Coronation Chicken Crowns today.

Mini party pastries filled with coronation chicken. The contours of the Taj’s freshness haven’t faded on me yet, but I start to think—after that, it’ll be too soon if I never have to eat Coronation Chicken again.

I finish with the Cake or Death Limited Edition Royal Mint Brownie.

When it’s time for dinner and I cook Farmison’s Platinum Jubilee Pork SausageA special swirl design made from British pork.

I enjoy a nightcap of the limited ‘Jubilee Edition’ English Garden Martini from Cocktails and everything tastes better.


Cartwright and Butler have a new Platinum Jubilee tea set, so I make myself Earl Gray and dip into Triple Choc biscuits.

Lunch is ALDI’s Platinum Corgis – bacon-wrapped pork sausage meat topped with cranberries and black pepper to resemble the face of a corgi and they bring a smile to my face.

I enjoy a non-alcoholic Luscombe’s Limited Edition Strawberry Bubbly in the middle of the afternoon.

Then it’s dinner time and tonight there’s Morrison’s Coronation Chicken and Pork Slicing Pie.

It’s usually a dream dinner but the mention of Coronation Chicken makes my heart swoon.

Then I remember. I’m doing this for the Queen and God, if she can sit through hours of plush dinners making small talk with sluggish-to-coming world leaders, I’m going through another round of coronation chicken. I can get from I wolf it down.

The dessert is Krispy Kreme Jubilee Dozen. A Chinese feast. And I sample a wine from The Wine Society’s ‘Street Party Crowd-pleasers’ case.


Instead of scrambled eggs, I munch on a Jubilee tin of Walker Shortbread.

However, today I got to do something really “British Bank Holiday”…. I go to BBQ.

And I’m BBQing at Jubilee BBQ, a limited edition. I also get a fish supper fit for the queen from Chanel Fisheries.

I also do what the British do on bank holidays – I bake.

Using a limited edition Kenwood mixer – complete with a Union Jack top, no less, I feel like the closest I’m to the Great British Bake Off.

I reward my efforts with a “Best of British” Jubilee beer selection that includes Corgi Gold and a Platinum IPA.


I can’t manage another shortbread biscuit so I skip breakfast.

I’m so sick of coronation chicken I decide against having another piece of pie.

Instead I go for Morrison’s incredible Clarence the Corgi Cake.

I cannot say that it does not bring a smile to my face and it is the perfect way to end the week.

I’m lying horizontally on my couch at 4 p.m. feeling a mixture of incredible satisfaction after a week of pretty British food, and also fighting a serious craving for the green vegetable…

The stomach is heavy who has eaten the crown.

what did i eat

Butler’s Farmhouse Cheese ‘Sage Lancashire Cheese Wedges, Butler’s Online Cheese Store butlerscheeses.co.uk£7 per wedge (300 g).

Hellmans Coronation Mayo,

Limited Edition Jubilee Cookiecrips by Sweet Tree by Brown, box of 6 for £10, sweettreebybrowns.co.uk/

Queen’s Platinum Jubilee Union Jack Mochi Donuts, £2.99, Cobbler Bar at Japan Centre, Panton Street

Pork Farm Special Jubilee Edition Pork Pie, £2, ASDA

Pierre Marcolini Queen’s Jubilee Chocolate from Marylebone Boutique, Selfridges and Harrods, £25.00-£37.00

Fox Pudding Glacier Sweets

Krispy Kreme Platinum Jubilee Dozen, 3 Jubilee Joy, 3 Celebration Crowns, 3 Platinum Sprinkles, and 3 Original Glazed® Donuts, £15.95, Krispy Kreme

Gousto Jubilee Edition Recipe Box, from £3.14 per portion, gousto.co.uk

Traclement’s Right Royal Pickles, £5.80, available from fine dining delis and farm stores nationwide and online tracklements.co.uk

Clarence the Corgi Cake, £6, Morrisons

Jubilee Cupcake Platter, £5, Morrisons

Jubilee Biscuit Crown, £1, Morrisons

Coronation Chicken and Pork Slicing Pie, £8, Morrisons

Mini Coronation Chicken Crown, £8, ASDA

Jubilee Tee with The Queen Hamper, £30, carwrightandbutler.co.uk

Landmann’s Jubilee Themed Red Triton 2.0 Gas BBQ – £449.99

M&S Honey Roast Ham Sausage Roll,

Coronation Chicken Pie, £21.95 for four, Farmison & Co. Farmison.com/

Jubilee Pork Sausage Swirls, £6.95 for two, Farmison & Co. Farmison.com/

Jubilee Afternoon Tea Gift Set, £44.90, bradfordsbakers.com/

Fully Patriotic Preserve, £12.99, cottagedelight.co.uk/

Jubilee British Strawberry Jam, £3.99, cottagedelight.co.uk/

Jubilee Royal Mint Brownies, £19.50, Cake or Death cakeordeath.co.uk/

ALDI Platinum Corgi Pork Bites, £2.99, ALDI

Fox’s Jubilee “Great British Puddings” Glacier Sweets, £1, Home Bargains, B&M,

what i drank (credit)

Beanies “Jubilee Cake” Instant Coffee, £2.75, Ocado

Jubilee Bears 3 Pack, £15.50, bestofbritishbeer.co.uk/

12 bottles in ‘Street Party Crowd-pleasers’ Special Edition Wine Case, £99, thewinesociety.com

Rhubarb and Ginger Color Changing Gin, £23.99, celebrating the Queen’s 70th anniversary www.redh.co.uk/

Luscombe’s Limited Edition Strawberry Bubbly, 12 x 27cl bottles, from £21.30 luscombe.co.uk

Sandford Orchards Launches Jubilee Cider, £2.30 at sandfordorchards.co.uk

Jubilee Strawberry and Mint Flavored Gin Liqueur, £15, Morrisons

Jubilee Edition English Garden Martini, £35, cocktail.co.uk

Ramsbury Single Estate Spirits limited-edition Platinum Celebration Vodka £38, ramsbury.com

Silent Pool Gin Platinum Celebration Edition, £45, Vetroroyal British Legion Jubilee 100 Champagne, Reville (Brut), £45 10% of each bottle sale goes to the Royal British Legion, of which the Queen is patron, eminentwine.com/rbl

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