I bagged 35 doughnuts for just 42p with an easy supermarket trick – how you can too


Many shoppers have thought they could curb their rising grocery costs with a simple supermarket trick.

That’s what a bargain hunter did anyway, because they managed to get a huge stash of donuts for the money in their pocket.


A shopkeeper only 42p. managed to score 35 donuts forcredit: Yellow Sticker Society Facebook

a Morrison Fan got 35 sweets in just 42p thanks to a shopping hack.

And other like-minded bargain hunters know it’s all down yellow stickers.

Vibrant-labeled deals are the key to a successful shop for most people doing weekly supermarket sweeps.

Especially when prices are climbing fast on store shelves, like Inflation drives up costs Everything from essentials to sweet-toothed treats.

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But in a way stores will lower the prices, the food will be marked by the date of its use.

This is to shift the stock and avoid food wasteBut that means customers can snag the same item for a fraction of the cost.

the food is still good to eat, and in some cases you can freeze What you buy will also last a little longer.

That’s exactly what this shopper did when she shared her advice with a Facebook page Yellow Sticker Society,

“For a pack of 7p donuts and pop in the freezer, happy days,” she said on the social media forum.

The shopkeeper revealed that she went to her local Morrison’s at 6.30 pm to get the deal done.

Different stores may change the time of day that they mark-down merchandise.

But a lot of supermarkets will discount food at the end of the day when they don’t have much shelf-life left.

Former Morrison workers told The Sun that this usually happens in two waves at the store.

There is a cut at 9 p.m. just before the shops close, when about 15-20% are closed.

But for everything that gets old the next day, there will be another reduction from 6:30 PM to 7 PM – where you can get up to 90% off in one go.

Other Facebook users were equally impressed by the discovery, and commented under the post.

One said: “Every day is a school day – what a big deal it is.”

“My diet didn’t need to know that,” joked one. “Please tell me it’s not true!”

“I even got some 7p packs last week. So cool,” cried another.

Bargain has quickly become one of the most sought after items in supermarkets.

Customers will queue for hours to find special discounted meals to take home for dinner – fights have happened On unspecified goods.

was dubbed “yellow sticker man”, Al Baker worked at Morrisons for just over two years, knocking before the best meal.

He said more and more shoppers are turning to yellow sticker purchases cost of life crisis Budget squeezes.

However, this is not the only way to curb spending.

There are many more ways to cut costs at the weekly shop – sometimes it just takes bow down,

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either Choose Your Trolley Size Wisely The minute you walk through the front doors.

and the art of choosing exact date of visit Might even help you save some money on your next trip.

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