I can’t afford to have a HOT BATH after my energy bills shot up from £97 to £535 – I’m terrified of winter coming


One woman said she couldn’t afford a hot shower after her bill increased from 97 pounds to 535 pounds.

Josie, 35, said she was surprised at how much she had energy expenditure Has increased since October and is now struggling to make a living.


Josie struggles to afford a hot shower because of her soaring energy billsCredits: NCJ Media

And he is furious that his EDF smart meter said the most energy he used since October was £135 in January. It said it had used £91 last month.

Consett, Co. K Josie DurhamTold Chronicle Live: “We’re just a simple couple living in a three bedroom house with a completely normal middle staircase.

“We don’t do anything out of the ordinary that would detract from our energy consumption more than anyone else’s.

“We are a lot more fortunate than some people – we know this. But it is so frustrating to have to cut and cut, yet our wages are rapidly disappearing every month.

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“What’s the use of three-minute showers and valuable groceries when you’re hit with bills like this? We’re cutting back and cutting back until I don’t think there’s too much to cut back.” Something is left.

“We both work full-time – we shouldn’t have to consider whether we can afford it if one of us wants to take a hot shower.”

She said she was afraid of what her bills would be when winter returned.

EDF said the £523 direct debit is made up of £453 for ongoing use and £70 for outstanding balances.

A spokesman said this was reduced to £306 a month after talks with Josie.

But the EDF warned that may not be enough to cover energy use next year.

The next review is due in October.

Josie said: “It’s a complete mess and I’m afraid to turn on anything now.

“I have a breakdown of the estimated cost including all available tariffs and standard variables, and they are telling me I have to pay, they are all low.

“The standard variable is estimated at £302 per month and a fix as of May 2024 is £360, so now I don’t know where the £453 came from.

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“There are some more expensive ‘full service’ tariffs or over £400 a month including a boiler care, but I don’t want and haven’t asked for them.

“I just want to be at the cheapest rate available and am happy to pay the dues separately.”


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