I design clothes just for curvy women with big boobs and The Sun gave me £5k to expand


Former fashion buyer Jayne Lasley has used her Sun grants to design clothes for grown-up women—including a hit leather jacket that has taken the internet by storm.

After losing her job during lockdown, Jayne stumbles upon her old varsity fashion design collection while cleaning out her garage and decided to use it as an online style guide for curvy girls like herself.


Former fashion shopper Jayne Lasley used her Sun Grant to design clothes for corrupt women

She set it up under her maiden name Fairly and within weeks, her Instagram page had 1,000 followers to buy her designs.

She decided to go into business and was soon shipping orders around the world.

Jen said: “After all these years of designing and developing the range what makes me happy, it’s the feedback that really makes me happy.

“I am so happy that this 42-year-old mother of two is able to start the business of her dreams and make women feel good about themselves.”

Jayne has moved to larger premises in Paisley to meet demand and, with grant money, has been able to buy more stock and launch a new range, which includes her now famous zip-up leather jackets and evening dresses.

She added: “The Sun Grant has certainly helped.”

Jane Leslie:

  • Fairly Curved
  • Fairliecurved.com
  • Facebook: @fairliecurvedstyle
  • Twitter: @fairliecurved
  • Instagram: @fairliecurvedclothing

‘We think our company is unique and we are going to be the place. This grant will go a long way in helping us achieve all that’

Foodie Andrew Reed struggled to train as a surveyor when his college closed during lockdown and lessons were moved to Zoom.

But the healthy microwave meals he prepared for himself and his girlfriend each week proved so popular with friends that he realized he could make a business out of it.

Andy Reid and chef friend Robert Noble have created a business selling healthy microwavable meals


Andy Reid and chef friend Robert Noble have created a business selling healthy microwavable meals

He and chef friend Robert Noble, 27, began preparing meals from their local rugby club kitchen in Glasgow, but were soon cooking up to 700 each weekend and rapidly ran out of premises and cooking equipment.

The news of their successful application for the Sun grant came at the perfect time for the pair to taste success.

They have now moved into a former Chinese take-away where they are able to prepare food and open a cafe.

Andrew, 25, said: “We believe our company is unique because our menu changes weekly and just like the restaurant does themed nights, so does Prep to Plate.

“But we needed better equipment. Now things are really moving forward. It’s helped us in a big way.”

Andrew Reid:

  • plate preparation
  • preptoplate.co.uk
  • Instagram: @prep.to.plate
  • Facebook: @prep2plate
  • Twitter: @preptoplate20

‘Thanks to this money, we are closer to our goal of reducing plastic waste and developing environmental alternatives’

ECO specialist Anthony Ajnaku established his plastic waste management business in 2020 to develop planet-friendly ways to reuse single-use plastics.

The Cambridge-based firm is creating bespoke ways to capture, separate and recycle various plastics, including waste sorting units.

Eco expert Anthony Ajnaku set up his plastic waste management business in 2020 to develop planet-friendly ways to reuse single-use plastics.


Eco expert Anthony Ajnaku set up his plastic waste management business in 2020 to develop planet-friendly ways to reuse single-use plastics.

Engineer Anthony, 34, said: “Thanks to the grant, we have been able to hire a trainee research and development analyst to help us look at different plastics and find the best ways to turn them into reusable materials.

“We are also looking at buying a 3D printer to use recycled plastic to make things like phone cases.

“All of this is helping our goal to reduce the amount of plastic waste that ends up in incinerators or landfills.

“We want to reuse, recycle, recycle and renew as much plastic waste as possible and develop environmentally friendly and sustainable alternatives to single-use plastics.

“We’re really excited, so many thanks to The Sun and Camelot.”

Anthony Ajnaku:

  • whistleplast
  • whistleplast.com
  • Instagram/Facebook/Twitter: @whistleplast

Theo’s Top Tips

Theo Paphitis is one of the UK’s top entrepreneurs and the force behind big name brands Boux Avenue, Robert Dyas and Ryman.

TV Dragon gave its approval to the standard of our contest entries.

Theo Pafatis is one of the UK's top entrepreneurs


Theo Pafatis is one of the UK’s top entrepreneurs

He added: “Small business owners never cease to amaze me. It was so hard to judge the entries because there were so many great ideas. ,

Here are Theo’s top tips to get you started:

  • 1. Believe in your idea and have the confidence to start.
  • 2. Start small but don’t think small. Advertise online and use social media and you can reach anyone.
  • 3. Made a mistake? Okay. Recognize it and deal with it quickly, then learn from it.
  • 4. Always look for the next opportunity.
  • 5. Join small business communities and network groups for support. You can talk to me at theopaphitissbs.com.

super start-up grant

  • 1. AR plastering
  • 2. A Toast in the Post
  • 3. Adele’s Bin Blitzers
  • 4. Greatest Shining Game
  • 5. Bops Bake
  • 6. Bow and Bow
  • 7. CK Electricals
  • 8. Cupcake Corner
  • 9. Elite Virtual Assistant
  • 10. Green Task Force
  • 11. Gym, Nails and Cocktails
  • 12. Heoka Bloom Coaching
  • 13. Lath Candles
  • 14. Lion Flowers
  • 15. Mother’s Delight
  • 16. Norma’s Snow
  • 17. Quinn and the Bear
  • 18. RJ Young Gardening Services
  • 19. Rojo Design
  • 20. Sensory Plus
  • 21. Sign Seal Deliver Ltd.
  • 22. Dugout Bar
  • 23. Ives
  • 24. Top Notch Graves
  • 25. Your Name in Vinyl
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grant for business creation

  • 1. Little Rainbow Childcare
  • 2. Zero Gravity
  • 3. Re-Wrap-It
  • 4. Peach House Cleaning
  • 5. HouseOfLomas.com
  • 6. Two Peas in a Pav
  • 7. Personalize Me
  • 8. Toilet Fizz
  • 9. JointforceAlba.co.uk
  • 10. Urban Mori
  • 11. Cinnabar Sweep
  • 12. Plate Preparation
  • 13. simplenoir.co.uk
  • 14. Ruby Jewelry
  • 15. WhistlePlast.com
  • 16. TheMotorMedics.co.uk
  • 17. Net Shop
  • 18. Pedal a Wee
  • 19. Ingate Freehouse
  • 20. Adoption Greeting Cards.co.uk
  • 21. FairlieCurved.com
  • 22. JexShoes.com
  • 23. ZeroWasteMedals.co.uk
  • 24. Selected Homeware
  • 25. Rivendell Bees


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