I eat just ONE MEAL a day so I can afford to feed my kids… I’m used to going hungry


A single mother says she eats only once in a day so that she can afford to feed her children amidst the dire cost of living crisis.

Claire Pulfrey, 38, reveals how her body has adapted optimally to skipping meals over the past two months his bills skyrocketed,


Single mum Claire Pulfrey, 38, has been giving up food for two monthscredit: Hull News & Images

mother of three GrimsbyBarely able to afford her weekly shop after food prices rise – Claire opts to go hungry instead.

And she is drowning in her energy bills, as they have more than doubled from £10 to £25 per week.

Her deteriorating financial affairs have forced her to scramble and save money to make sure her three sons, Dan, 17, Theo, nine, and Samuel, seven, get to eat.

The former teaching assistant sometimes steals her “little sandwich” to keep her going — but says snacking is a rare luxury in her household.

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Claire has called on the government to introduce free school meals for all children from poor families after struggling to feed their children.

it comes as Union leaders urge Boris Johnson to expand free lunch provision As the cost of living is biting Britons.

Desperate 38-year-old told Mirror: “I started missing breakfast after my money ran out in January.

“But then my energy bills started rising, so by April I decided to put off lunch as well.

“I could cope if it was just the price of food that was rising. But my gas and electricity went up so much, that knocked me over.

“So now I eat one meal a day, and that’s fine as long as my kids aren’t hungry.”

Claire described how after adopting a “mind over matter” mentality her body has become “accustomed” to receiving only tea-time nutrition.

She continued: “I try to move on to help me forget things.

“At first I was getting really lethargic and tired, but now I feel like my body has got used to it.

“If I have a little extra I can treat myself to a sandwich, but that’s rare.”

The mother feels that free school meals are being provided for underprivileged students to reduce the pressure on families who are feeling the pinch.

I could cope if it was just the price of food that was rising. But my gas and electricity increased so much that I was knocked down.

Claire Pulfrey

Brits are only eligible on Universal Credit if their annual income is less than £7,400, excluding benefits.

Clare said: “This would mean that parents would not have to worry about finding money to pay for school meals or packed lunches, and to pay bills or buy more food for the household. There might be something left.

“I know what it’s like to be on the edge and don’t know if you’ll have enough money to make it through a whole week.

“Anything that can help put a little bit back in our pockets would be a huge help.”

Former cabinet members are among those urging the government to act during this pandemic, when free school meals were expanded to help families in need.

in an open letter to Rishi Sunki And nadim zahaviUnions and campaigners warn that school dinners are sometimes the only source of nutrition for children every day.

He said hunger can act as a “real barrier to learning”, leading to more social inequalities for children from poorer areas.

time Failing to extend the plan is facing opposition from lawmakers, including members of his own party.

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Last Autumn, Chancellor Rishi Sunaki £200m per year pledged to support school meal program Man Utd footballer Marcus Rashford has called on children to be guaranteed “one day’s meal” during the summer break.

But some lawmakers believe the policies have not been taken far enough.

Boris Johnson has been urged to introduce free school dinners for all struggling families


Boris Johnson has been urged to introduce free school dinners for all struggling familiescredit: Reuters


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