I grew up eating crisps for dinner as I was so poor


A business owner who ate crisps and bread for dinner as a child has built a £80,000 company.

Ted Lawler, 24, has bought himself Audi TT with his earnings grew up in cold and dark conditions, when food and electricity were not cheap for his mother, Jane.


Ted Lawler has an Audi TT . Is purchasedcredits: bpm
He grew up eating crisps and bread for dinner and his business is now £80,000 .  belongs to


He grew up eating crisps and bread for dinner and his business is now £80,000 . belongs tocredits: bpm

He battled depression and suicidal thoughts at university before launching the non-profit media group If Only They Know a few months ago.

ted moved on Team up with DJ Tom Zanetti’s Celebrity Therapist Robert Hessey released The Manifestation Journal last year.

a former apprentice The candidate also sent a vehement email urging his support BusinessWhich he hopes to be worth six points soon.

Ted, of Bromley, cantoSaid: “I remember what I asked my mother for for dinner and she would say she didn’t know.

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“Indeed she was hiding that she couldn’t afford to get anything.”

He said that he never understood why his mother couldn’t take him to places like the zoo, he sometimes clashed with her over financial pressure and he got into trouble at school.

Then in 2017 his immune system shut down while working a retail job because of his depression during his first year at university.

He was so weak that when he touched his face, his marks were left, mylandan informed of.

Ted, who grew up in Bermondsey, South LondonAdded: “In 2017 the guy didn’t want to be here at all.

“There were days I was contemplating how to end it all – but luckily I was too afraid to act on it.

“If I hadn’t done things to change myself, I could have easily gotten myself into a whole lot of trouble.

“I would have died or been in jail.”

But he realized that his only two options were drug dealing or going into business, and he looked at the skyscraper from his bedroom, saying he could work somewhere like The Shard.

He said how he had nothing to lose by giving anything in one shot.

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Ted describes his business as “a hub for young business minds” and is now best known for his podcasts.

He said emails from the unnamed BBC Apprentice star prompted him to continue, adding: “He saved and changed my life.”

Ted, pictured with mother Jane, grew up in cold and dark conditions


Ted, pictured with mother Jane, grew up in cold and dark conditionscredits: bpm


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