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The Chancellor has unveiled that households will receive a £400 energy bill waiver – we will see whether pre-payment meter households will also get it.

£15 billion emergency aid package found out today Helping desperate families to cope with the dire cost of living crisis.


Mains Electric Digital Prepaid Card Top up a pay as you go credit metercredit: getty
The price of natural gas has gone up, which means customers are paying the price for their energy bills


The price of natural gas has gone up, which means customers are paying the price for their energy bills
The price range is due to jump somewhere in the region of £2,800 in October


The price range is due to jump somewhere in the region of £2,800 in October

The relief will help millions of people struggling to pay for rising energy bills – ready to jump from one An average of £830 in October.

then energy price cap According to Ofgem’s boss, that could jump anywhere from £1,971 to “in the region of £2,800”.

To reduce squeezing, Mr. Sunki Today disclosed a number of measures, including:

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He told lawmakers: “We need to make sure that those for whom the struggle is too difficult and those for whom the risk is too high, are supported.

“This government will not sit idly by while there is a risk that some in our country may be so set back that they may never recover.”

One of the declared emergency measures was: £400 energy discount For homes in the UK.

We explain what it is – and what you’ll get if you’re on the pre-payment meter.

How does the £400 energy bill discount work?

Will replace £400 energy bill discount £200 energy discount To be paid in October.

The families were told they would be paid £200 from October, which they would have to pay back in five years.

Under the basic plans, repayments will automatically be added to people’s bills in £40 installments from April next year.

But those plans were canceled by the Chancellor today.

Instead, each household will receive a £400 grant that you don’t need to pay through high energy bills.

Your energy supplied from October and support will be paid off in six consecutive months.

Will I get assistance if I am on a pre-payment meter?

Yes – if you are a prepay customer, you will receive assistance of £400.

Every household in the UK will get assistance – but how you will be paid will vary depending on the type of meter you have.

Customers with a pre-payment meter will see the money charged on their meter, otherwise they will get a voucher.

The government hasn’t shared further details on how to find out if you’ll get a voucher, or whether your meter will be topped up for you.

It has also not shared details on how to use the voucher.

We have asked for more details and will update this story when we learn more.

If you are not on the pre-payment meter and you are a credit or direct debit customer, you will see a £400 grant paid to your account.

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