I only work on the weekends and make more annually than I did at my 9 to 5


A woman earns more from her weekend gig than her annual performance for the last 9 to 5 years.

jane glantz She works five days a week at the job she was let go as compared to working two days a week.


Jen Glantz runs her most profitable business two days a weekcredit: Bridesmaid for Hire
Bridesmaid for Hire provides services to couples on their wedding day


Bridesmaid for Hire provides services to couples on their wedding daycredit: getty

After closing in 2015, Glantz decided to find a way to have multiple streams of income, according to acorn,

He started his first business, bridesmaids for rent, Which she runs entirely on weekends, and is most profitable, bringing her in the six digits a year.

A major part of the money she earns comes from in-person services that the company provides to couples on their wedding day. She offers packages to couples that start at about $2,400.

Most packages include pre-wedding phone calls and six to 12 hours of support on the day of the wedding.

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Glantz recommends considering how can you train others To carry out these personalized services.

This will give you more time to take care of other parts of the business, without sacrificing these important services.

“You can still earn income from your business without having to be everywhere at once,” she said.

Bridesmaid for Hire also offers courses on how to start a wedding business, materials and books.

they generate passive income, she says. The services help bring in ongoing revenue from a single project that may only take a day.

job creation Instead of applying for a new one has become a trend.

Hannah Gardner Started her own brand on Etsy and is running a full time YouTube channel. In a little over a year, she made over $1 million.

He revealed that he started his journey with a credit card with a limit of $5,000.

After deciding what she wanted to sell, she worked her Etsy store all day to make sure the company knew she was serious about starting her own business.

“When Etsy sees that you are a user and you are serious and constantly editing your content, Etsy will reward you for it with your seal of approval.

Make sure you have as many products as you can and are using keywords, tags, and images to drive sales.

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Good credit is extremely important when running a business. read the The Mistakes You’re Making Could Cost You Money,

Once you start making profit, Build up your savings using these tips,


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