I saved $1,000s by buying a home without an estate agent – how you can too


Proper financing and patience are required when searching for a home to purchase, but not always an agent.

Malory Lee, 35, a lawyer from Vermont, found herself better luck after a full year looking for a home with a realtor.


Whisper listings are unlisted properties and rely on simplicity

Housing supplies remain short, especially for new construction as material prices skyrocket.

“Whatever he (the agent) showed us was either too much and a dump, or it was good but overpriced, and then already went for over a hundred grand,” Mallory told United States of America today,

Mallory began to show off.

She used her knowledgeable social media skills to get her own leads and went old school by leaving notes on the door and searching for potential vendors.

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After only a few months, she was locked in a house without a realtor.

Many experts have started calling this type of Sales Whisper listing.

These whisper listings, also known as pocket listings, are unlisted properties that depend on the ingenuity of buyers and sellers.

They can be quite controversial as they can put off other buyers, limiting their already short supply.

According to Redfin, these Whisper listings have increased from 2.4% to 4.0% since November 2019.

Why Whisper Listing might work for you

housing market remains unpredictable because homes may sell for more demand in a few days.

Economists from the National Association of Homebuilders report good At the beginning of 2022, 81% of homebuyers could not afford half the homes for sale in their markets.

When paying top dollar for home prices, real estate agents also take their deductibles.

An agent’s compensation is usually recorded in the listing agreement, and although rates are negotiable, they can cost you.

Once you hire an agent, they can either make money from commissions on the sale of the home or they can charge a flat fee.

Commissions typically range anywhere from 4% and 6% across the country, but can be higher or lower depending on the market.

The seller typically pays the commission unless the buyer and seller negotiate a split, and this is where it can get expensive.

be your own realtor

The process of being your own Realtor isn’t easy, especially if you don’t have their resources.

Although with a little hard work it can be accomplished.

Mallory told USA Today: “I’ve left little notes in people’s mailboxes saying, ‘I really want to live here. Let me know if you’re interested in selling your house’.”

When that didn’t work, he enlisted the help of his sister, whose neighbor actually found a note from Mallory.

Neighbor Rana told Mallory that she had listed her home a few years ago for $750,000, but took it off the market,

Mallory agreed that the price was reasonable and offered her $750,000.

Rana accepted, assuming he wouldn’t have to pay the 5% to 6% agent fee, which is a major selling point for him.

A few things to know if you’re planning on becoming your own agent:

  • it’s a long time commitment
  • Don’t Skip Inspection Procedures
  • get access to the competition
  • Market your home properly
  • You may still have to pay fees
  • learn to communicate properly
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