I started selling nuts to pubs with my mate… we got the idea on a trip to Bulgaria and now our business is worth £10m


Two accomplices who started selling nuts to pubs have revealed how the idea turned into a £10 million business.

Stephen White and Tom Renshaw reveal that they got the idea during a trip to Bulgaria – finding a tasty snack to crunch on while sipping beer.


Stephen and Tom create care packages to help generate revenue during COVID-19 when pubs were closedcredit: facebook

they went out like BBC’s The ApprenticeTo make your business venture a success.

it all started with a journey Bulgaria Both met each other while attending the university.

When the pair were 23 and 22 years old, they went to the pub to visit abroad.

While visiting Bulgarian pubs he came across bar snacks which came to his mind and gave him an idea.

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Stephen said: “When we first tasted these wonderful nuts we turned and said to each other ‘these are incredible.’

“They were just so good, especially with beer, they were like nothing we’ve ever tasted before, and at the time we knew we had to show the UK what they were missing.”

So in 2019, the summer after graduation, he raised £7,000 from a Kickstarter campaign, with £5,000 from family and friends. He also took out a £24,000 government loan and invested 95 percent of the money in the production of the product.

He stored 100,000 units of “wonderful nuts” in London made from unusual-tasting snacks such as jalapenos and masala curry and packaged in durable cans similar to beer.

The pair traveled to a different London borough every day and visited independent pubs, hoping to sell their products.

In the afternoon, they’ll be calling pub groups before working at the bar as kitchen porters and bartenders at 3 p.m. and ending at 2 p.m.

Stephen said: “That’s when the door-to-door sales started.

“But the beautiful thing about London is that there are 9,000 pubs. After about six months we had visited about 4,000 pubs, of which 500 were on board – a success rate of eight.

“My shoes were talking to me, my jeans were torn, and I lost 20 kilos.

“We didn’t know that selling snacks was the hardest-hit industry.”

Earning £1,300 per month and paying £1,250 per month in rent, Stephen was determined to make this business venture a success.

In nine months, the pair grew from zero to 2,000 pubs, and they continued to expand from there, after the Stonegate Group put their product in 300 of their pubs.

online sensation

It was all going well, until the pub was forced to close. COVID-19 Pandemic in March 2020.

Stephen and Tom were taking their stress off when Tom came up with a brilliant idea. At a time when people had no choice but to shop online, Tom thought of expanding the business to the web.

Tom thought of creating a ‘Care Package’ to help customers overcome the pandemic, and then released a ‘Super Dad’ giftbox for them father’s Day.

What initially started as a 12-week project became an online sensation, with the ‘Super Dad’ giftbox sold out in 10 days.

The pair found more inspiration than ever to keep going, and two years later, they founded the Byers Company – an online shop that sells craft beers from various breweries across the UK and their own signature brands of beer nuts and Byers Crisps. .

The business has generated £10 million in revenue and they aim to expand further than ever before.

Stephen of North Radish in Stockport was the master mind behind the idea. He now also has his brother Liam and his cousin Cameron in the business.

Having established a head office in London, Liam is in charge of the membership service, Bear Club, while Cameron was hired from South Reddish McDonald’s to become the head of customer service.

Tom and Stephen – who got their old flat number tattooed to remember the beginning – also employ eight staff members in a 45,000-square-foot warehouse at Enfield.

learn from the best

Stephen was always eager to find ways to “do what” [he] To get enough money” to make profit for himself and also to help his family.

When he was young, he would sell his Easter eggs a month later for £1 cheaper than supermarket prices and pay his brother and sister 2p every time they jumped out of their top bunk bed.

He was learning how to be an entrepreneur by watching Dragon’s Denwhile the other kids were watching Disney Channel.

Stephen said: “I used to think dragons could save you.

“We didn’t struggle as kids. My mother was a housewife and my father was on £22k. When my parents separated when I was 11, I remembered my father was really down .

“We were going around Denton Crownpoint in River Island, and my dad really wanted this £110 leather jacket. I thought ‘What can I do to get enough money?’

So Stephen started selling pops and sweets cans at school, while the famous chef jammy oliver Calling schools to make snacks healthier and ban crisps and chocolates.

Stephen said: “The entrepreneurship journey began with heartbreak. Now it’s about family pride with me, they’ve always put me on a pedestal; I was the first to go to university.

“I grew up right next to the Fir Tree Pub, that was where my first pint was. But it was downed for a Lidl, The plan is to hopefully have enough money to rebuild the Fir Tree Pub in the future.”

Another plan that Stephen also shares with Tom is to expand his company into Europe and America.

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Stephen said: “Business will be the first name when you talk about craft beer. When we launch it will be the brewery, the snacks in the pub, the online presence, the draft beer dispensers in your homes.

“This business will be everything. Currently, he’s the brooddog — but it won’t be in five years.”

Stephen and Tom met while living together and attending Queen Mary University of London


Stephen and Tom met while living together and attending Queen Mary University of Londoncredit: Main Media
They came up with the business idea while pub hopping in Bulgaria


They came up with the business idea while pub hopping in Bulgariacredit: Main Media
To protect their business amid the COVID-19 pandemic, Stephen and Tom created a 'Super Dad' giftbox ahead of Father's Day in 2020.


To protect their business amid the COVID-19 pandemic, Stephen and Tom created a ‘Super Dad’ giftbox ahead of Father’s Day in 2020.


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