I successfully appealed my property taxes to save $2,052 – here’s how you can too


Homeowners are seeing a rise in property taxes nationwide—but you can save thousands by appealing.

Clyde Gilamo, 34, decided to do the same and it reduced taxes on his first home from $5,231 a year to just under $4,547.


Clyde Guillamo, 34, Appeals to Property Taxes to Save $684.12 a Year for Three Years on His First Home

Thanks to having the new level for three years, it saved him $2,052 in total.

Clyde had purchased the property—a single-family home with three bedrooms and two baths—in 2014 for $184,500 in a Chicago suburb.

the father of three, the one who walks a law office named after himFrequent courtyards and one day an “Assessor’s Office” came up.

He told The Sun: “Out of curiosity, I walked into the office to find out more.

“The front desk clerk explained to me how much homeowners can pay in property taxes by filing a property tax appeal.”

The clerk noted how “easy” it was to complete the form, and that you may be able to get a lower estate tax, even without proof.

To appeal property taxes, the form asked Clyde for his name, property identification number, address and phone number.

If you have purchased the home within the past three years, you will usually also need to confirm the date of purchase and the purchase price.

Finally, it is beneficial to include proof that you are paying more on your property taxes than on other similar properties.

Property taxes are public record, which means homeowners can visit the appraiser’s website to compare how much they pay to others.

In Clyde’s case, he was paying about $700 more per year than in similar properties.

Clyde, who now lives in Oswego, Illinois, with his wife and three children, said: “I completed the application, provided something comparable, and prayed for the best.

“In two months, I received news that I had won my first estate tax appeal and that my estate taxes were going to be reduced from $5,231.01 to $4,546.89.

“And since my county reassessed taxes every three years, I was going to get three years of savings.”

About two years later, Clyde’s brother asked for help in doing so, and he won the appeal.

Today, the tax attorney says he has helped successfully appeal the estate taxes of “several hundred” people.

Clyde’s Top Tips for Appealing Property Taxes

Since Clyde’s first win, the appeals process has changed in the sense that you can now submit documents electronically.

However, it is important to know that your estate tax appeal depends on where you live and some may require you to go to court.

To help you cut your taxes, Clyde shares her top tips and some mistakes to avoid below.

worth doing

it’s worth a try

Clyde said the historical success rate in Cook County — the county that covers Chicago and the suburbs — is 60%.

He said: “That’s right, every 6 out of 10 people who file get a reduction in their taxes.

“But you won’t save anything if you don’t ask the county to review your property.”

It costs nothing to appeal

Clyde said it costs nothing to file an appeal, and that most attorneys working in this field charge $0 upfront and $0 if they fail.

He said: “Attorneys are paid only the portion they save you in taxes.

“When it’s so cheap to hire a pro, appealing your property tax becomes so much easier.”

view it as maintenance

If you’re a homeowner, you may have a maintenance schedule of sorts when it comes to your home repairs.

Clyde recommends including “watching your property taxes” as an annual maintenance item.

The savings of several hundreds of dollars in property taxes can offset the cost of many other maintenance expenses.

what not to do

don’t complain and do nothing

Clyde said homeowners shouldn’t complain about property tax increases until they try to do something about it.

Don’t Give Up If You Lose Your Appeal

If you lose your initial appeal, don’t give up, Clyde said.

People buy and sell homes every year, which can affect the status of your home on property taxes.

If you lose this year, 2023 could be the year you win.

If you win your appeal on property tax, you will get a lower tax bill until the next assessment of your home.

Some towns assess taxes annually, other places may assess every few years.

don’t think you’re doing anything wrong

Finally, Clyde urges homeowners not to think they are doing anything immoral or wrong by asking the county to lower their property taxes.

He said: “You have a right to request a reduction in your property taxes, and justice demands that your home be assessed fairly.

“If you’re overassessed, you’ll end up paying more in property taxes than you should.”

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