I used to work at Wetherspoons


SPOONS is famous for bargain grub and booze—but there are some menu items you should never order if you want the best deals, claims a former worker.

According to Robert Kivits, ordering a pitcher of booze or premium burgers won’t give you the best bang for the buck, and may even increase your bill.


A former Wetherspoons reveals her top tips for getting the best deal in the series

23-year-old Robert from London used to work in his area Wetherspoons in Bristol when he was a student.

He joined in September 2020 and spent almost two years in the series.

Working his way up pulling pints, serving food, and helping out in the kitchen, he becomes the supervisor in charge of new employees—so Robert knows all the tricks of the trade.

He shares his top tips on how to get the best deals on the series with The Sun.

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Any way to save money in the chain will work because the bargain seller has recently hiked prices.

In March, it reportedly added 10p for the price of a pintand 20p for pubs in London.

But the pub chain’s boss, Tim Martin, signaled to proceed, It said rising prices for labour, food and energy bills have put “considerable pressure on costs”.

The chain said it expected to break up this year as well.

Although it is known to cut prices for the customers.

Last year, Weatherspoon reduced the price Its popular steak and curry club offers deals on certain days of the week.

It also launched an offer last year where punters could 99p. get some beers for – Initially believed to be for only one month, the deal was extended Another three months.

If you want to find the ‘spoon’ closest to you and test Robert’s tips, use Series of branch locator tools.

never take a pitcher

If you have a Friday spirit, you might be tempted to order a pitcher with your friends.

It’s easy to fall into the trap of thinking that you can spread the cost of your cocktail among yourself and save some money – but Robert said that pitchers are “not value for money”.

He said: “The customers think you can’t go wrong with a pitcher, and they raved about how great they were.

“But if you just drink normal spirits instead, you’ll save money and drink the same amount of alcohol.”

Prices will vary depending on which branch you go to, but pitchers usually cost around £6.99.

But Robert claimed that a jug contained only two double shots of alcohol – and the rest is the mixer.

If the two of you are sharing, Robert said you’re better off ordering a double shot and mixer as drinks, which will cost around £3.20 – a savings of 79p.

However, it is important to note that prices vary between branches.

Swing Premium Burgers

Spoon Burger meal deals are popular among punters.

Prices vary from chain to chain, but when we checked prices at The Moon & Stars in Peng, London, a classic burger and a drink were as little as £5.15.

However, the price of your burger goes up if you order a gourmet option, which is £6.80 with a soft drink or £8.10 with an alcoholic.

and the premium Empire State Burger, which comes with two beef patties, cheese, bacon, chips and onion rings, clocks in at £8.05, or £9.35 with booze – the priceless burger of many.

“Premium burgers cost more—but usually the only difference is cheese, bacon, and sauce,” said Robert.

“Go for a classic and add on toppings.”

Robert said he used to add bacon to a classic burger to keep his costs down when eating at the chain.

When The Sun checked prices, adding bacon to a classic burger costs £1.05 – meaning you’ll pay £6.20 with a soft drink, or £7.50 with wine.

That’s still less than the cost of a gourmet burger or an Empire State burger.

Although your custom made burger may be missing some ingredients compared to premium options, it can be a good way to keep your bill down.

share a mixed grill

If you’re on a budget but prefer to eat outside, opt for a large mixed grill and split it among yourself, Robert said.

You’ll have enough food to go around, and you won’t break the bank.

Prices will vary, but a large mixed grill costs £9.65 with a soft drink, or £10.95 with a drunken bivy.

You’ll find a choice between gammon, pork loin, rump steak, lamb, two sausages, a fried egg, six onion rings, and jacket potatoes or chips.

“It can easily go between three people with a normal appetite,” said Robert.

If the three of you are sharing this works out to around £3.65 – although you may have to shell out for an extra drink.

£20. feed family for less than

Eating out for the whole family can be very expensive when you have three or four hungry mouths to feed.

But if you order something sensible, you can feed a family for less than £20, said Robert.

“You can order three small plates for about £11,” he said.

“People don’t really think about ordering smaller plates — but that’s a lot of food.

“I used to go for chicken wings—you usually get 10 wings, which is more than enough for one person.

“I’d go for loaded chips and a mini pizza, too.”

He added that ordering another small plate of food on top – for example, you can get a bowl of chips for £2.99 – and a round of drinks would cost around £20.

“There aren’t many places you can go to feed a family for £20 or less.”

Make the most of refills

Coffee lovers might not know that you can get unlimited refills on hot drinks at ‘Spoonful for just 99p’.

“Spoons advertise it, but I don’t think many people take advantage of it,” said Robert.

“This can be good for students wanting to study – you only have to pay 99p all day and you can top your cup as much as you want.”

You’ll need to swap out your used cup for a clean cup each time you want a refill.

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