I was given just £30 after my housing association ignored me when I complained about the roof


A furious woman was given just £30 as compensation, as her housing association ignored her fears that the roof would collapse.

Fatima Jabra Claims She Was Forced To Get Out Of Her Mildew And Leaks brixton Flat for four months as it was unsafe to live in it.


Fatima Jabra’s roof collapsed in the midnight of DecemberCredits: Fatima Jajbra
He also claimed that mushrooms began to grow on the walls of the mold


He also claimed that mushrooms began to grow on the walls of the moldCredits: Fatima Jajbra

So when he was offered only £30 in compensation after wasting over £2,000 rent and bills As for the vacant flat – she was disappointed.

Woman in her 50s pleading with Metropolitan Thames Valley Housing (MTVH) for repairs House Since the first leak in 2005, she told Mylandan.

Over the years, he claimed that Property There is a smell of dampness and even moldy walls with mushrooms growing on them.

But when her roof partially collapsed in the middle of a December night, it was the last straw and Fatima went out and went with a friend.

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She was too scared to stay at home under the damaged roof, but did not return to empty the buckets full of dripping water.

For the next few months, Fatima had nowhere else to go – with no choice but to pay £504 in rent, Council tax and bill every month.

She also contributed to the bills of her friend, who always kept her in the hope that MTVH would compensate her for the terrible ordeal.

So she was so intimidated and humiliated by the only £30 that the housing association offered her four months’ worth of trouble – as compensation for “bad handling of complaints.”

An apology letter from the organization reportedly said it would not reimburse his rent in full because it was his decision to leave – before the repair team was able to establish whether it was needed.

Fatima felt that she was being “punished” for her decision to stay somewhere safe.

“I’m worried for my safety, so I moved out,” she said. mylandan,

“I was so upset when I read the apology letter, I didn’t even reply.

“It was a letter of apology because ‘I chose to drop out’, so basically I was punished.”

Along with a hole in Fathima’s ceiling and a pile of debris on the floor, Fathima claimed she had returned to the flat in April with signs of further leaks.

The teacher said that yellow spots had started appearing on her roof again, although MTVH had informed her that the repairs were complete.

Fatima also claimed that her boiler was still broken and that her sink was still blocked despite MTVH reporting both.

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She told the local newspaper back in March: “I just want all this mess cr*p to just stop so I can move on with my life.

“They’re wasting my time, they’re taking my energy and dragging me down, I can’t do that anymore – they’re abusing me emotionally.”

A spokesperson for MTVH said in a statement to MyLondon: “We understand Ms. Jabra’s frustration. Quite simply, everyone wants and expects to be in the comfort of their own home.

“That’s why we’re continuing to work to sort things out. It’s unfortunate that recent actions didn’t solve all the issues.”

“However, our colleagues have since gone to Ms Jabra’s house to assess what work is now needed and we are addressing them.

“For this, we are in contact with Ms. Djabra regarding a boiler appointment and will be able to confirm the date of our repair team’s arrival soon.

“Ms Jabra was unhappy with how her original complaint was handled.

“It was thoroughly investigated and concluded that we could have handled things better, for which we sincerely apologize.

“The compensation awarded is purely related to how the complaint was handled.

“We know that getting people out of their homes is a very important step.

“This is why the decision on how to make a decision was referred to a professional surveyor, on whose expert opinion our decision was based.

“At the same time, we know that Ms. Jabra has experienced disruption and distress during this period. We want Ms. Jabra to be happy in her home.

“As such, we will continue to work with him to ensure that necessary repairs are completed as quickly as possible.”

Fatima felt unsafe living under a damaged roof


Fatima felt unsafe living under a damaged roofCredits: Fatima Jajbra
He complained about his first leak in 2005


He complained about his first leak in 2005Credits: Fatima Jajbra


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