I was locked out of my HSBC account with no warning… I only have a few days left of money to buy food for my kids


A mother of three fell ill when she was suddenly blocked from her bank account without warning – and with no way to buy food for her children.

Demi Wellings from Northfield, BirminghamShe can’t use any money to buy food or heat her house, just as her three kids are about to break up for half term.


Demi Wellings was blocked from her bank account without warningcredit: supply
Now she's worried she won't be able to feed her babies for more than half the time


Now she’s worried she won’t be able to feed her babies for more than half the timecredit: supply

The 35-year-old said her son was in tears when he raised his voice hsbc on Wednesday afternoon to ask why his card on a bottle of milk was mysteriously rejected.

However, the customer care representative could not explain why he was banned from making any payments or using online banking.

Demi has used a standard bank account with HSBC for more than a year to get it benefits and pay his bills.

But now the family only has enough food to last for the next few days and cannot pay for the heating.

The mother also had to take her young son to the doctor on Thursday morning for a fever, as she thinks it is the result of a “cold” night’s sleep.

She said: “I don’t have a family I can talk to. Literally it’s me and my kids and I’m going to be absolutely b******* with my finances.

“I don’t know how I will get food, I didn’t even get milk yesterday.

“I’m just so stressed out, I don’t know where to go if I’m being honest.

“I need to feed my kids somehow, but I don’t know how to do it.”

After the shocking discovery and the first phone call to HSBC, Demi made eight calls to a customer service team over the next 48 hours, which she described as “disgusting.”

He claimed that when he called the bank, they repeatedly misbehaved with him and hung up on three separate occasions as they could not answer his questions.

Demi said: “They’ve completely shut me down, I’ve called eight times now, talked very rudely, put the phone on me, telling me they didn’t get me through any can put.

“Basically, last night I explained it – I need access to my money, I have two little kids under 10, I didn’t have milk last night, I didn’t get any gas so we were absolutely cold.” were in

“His words from HSBC were, ‘Well this is unfortunate about the kids’, which was absolutely disgusting.”

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Demi said an HSBC representative told her she could still access her money by making a cash withdrawal at her local branch.

But when she explained that she couldn’t leave the house because of her mental health, she was reportedly told it wasn’t HSBC’s problem.

She continued: “I told of the debilitating conditions of my mental health – I am unable to do so.

“And yet his reply was, ‘It has nothing to do with us. It’s unfortunate that we can’t do anything.’

“It’s his favorite word – unfortunate.”

Demi typically uses her card to order groceries online and pay for gas to heat the house, but will go without both for some time.

She said: “I have a little [of food]Obviously, it wouldn’t be able to keep me hooked for long.

“We were frozen and then my son woke up this morning badly and had to go to the doctors.

i’m still disappointed

demi wellingsHSBC Customer

“He had a high temperature, probably because of how cold it was.”

Demi was furious about her treatment by HSBC’s customer service team.

She said: “They refused to give us the call reference number, saying they didn’t have it.

“He refused to give us his name, everything. I had a pen and paper in my hand.

“I am still depressed, I was actually getting physically ill this morning due to the tension in my stomach and I am suffering from depression.

“And my partner is handicapped and had to try and run to the other side of Birmingham last night to try to borrow money from his mom and try to get us a bottle of milk.”

An HSBC spokesperson said: “We take customer service very seriously and are sorry that Ms. Wellings has had a poor experience.

“We are treating her complaint and the allegations made by her as an urgent matter, however, her account is currently under review and has been put on hold as long as we comply with our statutory requirements.

“We apologize, as we know this may cause uncertainty and inconvenience, and we aim to complete our review as quickly as possible.”


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