I went dumpster diving at Aldi – and I got free food, home decor and plants worth $195


A husband and wife duo have found a way to turn a huge grocery bill down to almost zero.

The couple, run by the freakin’ frugal on social media, have been dumpster diving for years and doing their massive reveal on YouTube.


Husband and wife duo, freakin’ frugal, have over 115,000 YouTube subscribers

Dumpster diving is a process where people salvage leftover or unused consumer products from large commercial or residential companies.

The procedure is technically legal in all 50 states.

However, dumpster diving may compete with some city, county or state ordinances.

The couple recently posted a video on youtube their performance Aldi Dumpster Diving finds all for the low price of $0.

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The latest haul was massive as divers were able to pick up five boxes of food, two hanging plants and a colorful striped rug.

Since Aldi’s prices aren’t online, we matched a few items from bloggers and other websites and noted that the couple saved about $200 from dumpster diving.

Below are some of the products made by them.

It’s important to note that some items they’ve scooped may have expired and other refrigerated items may be sitting out longer than advised.


As of 2009, Aldi sells a variety of indoor plants for $12.99, or about $12.99 home beautiful,

The husband-wife duo raised two of them absolutely free.

Vault and Cheddar Cheese

The couple made the popular Walt and Cheddar Cheese from Jasper Hill Farms.

According to Jasper Hill Farms WebsiteThis particular cheese retails for about $10, depending on store location and size.

packaged salad

The freakin’ thrifty couple also got the Two Small Salad Bar Bacon Avocado Ranch Chopped Salad Kit.

This salad mix can be found and sold at Aldi and many other stores.


This salad mix can be found and sold at Aldi and many other stores.credit: freakin’ frugal

some Bloggers in the past have found these 12-ounce bags for about $2.49 each.

This is followed by a large container to resemble assorted spring baby greens.

This particular type of lettuce can be found on Instacart for $4.65.


The couple also got tons of fruits.

He picked up Hayes Brothers Red Delicious apples.

This brand can cost anywhere from $2 to $4.25, depending on size, store, and location.

The couple said these Red Delicious apples were a great find


The couple said these Red Delicious apples were a great findcredit: freakin’ frugal

He also made a pack of Gala apples, according to which insiderThere are $2.99 ​​for a three-pound bag.

Divers also got lucky and found five packs of strawberries that typically cost $1.49, depending on store location.


Bread was a huge treasure for the couple.

They found two eight-packs of Long Potato Rolls that are on sale for $1.99.

These sandwich rolls are commonly used for cheeseburgers.


These sandwich rolls are commonly used for cheeseburgers.credit: freakin’ frugal

They also found seven sandwich potato rolls, which at the time of sale cost $2.49 per pack.

Additionally, they received more than 10 bags of whole-wheat multigrain bread, sprouted bread, rye bread, three rolls of Amoroso Italian rolls, and English muffins.

According to bloggerBread usually costs anywhere from $1.65 to $4 at Aldi.

So 16 packets of bread, let’s say $4 is a savings of $64.


And finally, the couple snapped up what looks like a new colorful, striped rug.

Aldi shoppers say you can usually find most used rugs for less than $50.

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