I won £10k a month from the National Lottery after changing the way I choose my numbers – here’s how I’ll spend the cash


A woman who changed the way she chooses her lottery numbers before receiving £120,000 has revealed how she plans to splurge on cash.

Sam Gray, 46, scooped £10k a month for a year national lottery,


Sam earned £10k per month for a year after his big wincredit: NNP
Lucky banking worker matched five prime numbers with his online ticket


Lucky banking worker matched five prime numbers with his online ticketcredit: NNP

Lucky banking worker from Whiteley Bay, North Tyneside matched five key numbers with her online ticket set for life Draw on 26th May.

as a regular national lottery The player, Sam was always a fan of Lucky Dip tickets and rarely chose his own numbers.

but this time he decided Take chances on selected numbers that he had saved in his online national lottery account.

These were held for more than two years but he never thought of using them.

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Amazingly, the decision paid off big time and her “wildest dreams” became a reality in an instant that didn’t feel “real.”

She said: “Something inside me told me to go with the numbers I had chosen for me two years ago.

“When I logged into my National Lottery account to see that I won, I couldn’t believe it – it didn’t look real at all.”

Amidst the excitement, Sam left “a very distorted” voicemail to his partner and then surprisingly parked his enthusiasm and went straight back to work.

Then she had to think about what she would spend the money on.

For years Geordi always joked with his friends that if he won the lottery, he would learn to drive.

But he doesn’t need to joke anymore.

She said: “I’d say jokingly, not imagining in your wildest dreams this would ever actually happen.

“I put it off for years, because owning a car always seemed out of reach so I never saw the point of taking lessons.

“However, I have no excuse now so I will book the block and can’t wait to go shopping for my first car.”

Sam plans to spend the next 12 months converting his loft into a home office to find himself a nice place to work from home.

And she will spritz her cash in a passionate way too.

After losing his father last year, Sam now plans to take his mother back to Rhodes, Greece, where the family used to vacation together.

She explained that it is important for her and her mother to “revive” some of the precious memories and make new memories.

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Sam explained: “As a family, we had some wonderful vacations in Rhodes and it holds a very special place in my heart, especially now that my dad is not with us.”

Players can buy and check their tickets online by downloading the National Lottery app or on national-lottery.co.uk.


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