I won a big lottery prize using an ‘experiment’ I saw on TV – here’s the strategy I used


A TV show inspired one man to constantly play the lottery – and it paid off in a big way.

Unknown person tried an experiment after watching an episode of “lottery Changed my life.”


A TV show sparked a man’s interest in playing the lottery and it paid off in a big way

He decided that he would spend $25 every week on the lottery for three months.

“I won $500 in the first week,” said the Lowcountry guy.

In seven weeks of experimentation, he won $100,000 on a powerball Ticket.

“I didn’t even know how to play Powerball,” said the man.

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He thought he only matched his two numbers, but his wife showed him that he also matches Powerball numbers.

The man then realized that he had actually matched five numbers in the May 28 draw.

He was just one number shy of the jackpot.

And because he spent an extra $1 on PowerPlay, taking out the multiples of 2 doubled his $50,000 prize.

The man reportedly beat the 1-in-913,129 odds to win money, which he put toward a car.

But he is still playing the lottery.

“I’m going to finish three months,” he said of his initial experiment.

The winning ticket was purchased from Quick Fill on Yemens Hall Road in Hanahan, South Carolina,

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Quick Fill received a commission of $1,000 for selling tickets.

“The Lottery Changes My Life” first aired on TLC in 2009.


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