I work at Sam’s Club – you can save $1,000s by doing two tricks


Sam’s Club shoppers will want to take advantage of a simple savings trick that could save them hundreds of dollars each year.

to like costcoSam’s Club buyers usually get Savings Buying products in bulk and are known to be more cost effective than their competitors.


Employee reveals two things to you to save money
Big savings offered by opening a Sam's Club credit card


Big savings offered by opening a Sam’s Club credit card

In fact, a study by the nonprofit consumer check book Shows that both stores beat the prices of most other supermarket chains by between 30% and 40%.

But there may be a way to enjoy even more savings.

The approach comes from an employee of the shop who is visited by TJ Rick.

Recently in a Tiktok VideoTJ’s, who’s also a dad, revealed two things so you can enjoy big annual savings at the warehouse chain.

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1. Membership

First, you’ll need to sign up for one of the store’s membership programs.

They are offered in two tiers: Club and Plus, which cost $45 and $100 per year respectively.

If you are a regular shopper at the store, you can consider signing up for the Plus plan as it offers some additional benefits.

For example, a Plus membership will give you the privileges of free shipping, pharmacy savings, 2% cash back On qualifying store purchases and free curbside pickup.

“Really, you’re investing that money in yourself to shop with us,” TJ said.

2. Sam’s Card

TJ Rick says big savings come with the next step, which is opening Sam’s Club Credit Card,

First, keep in mind that opening too many credit cards can have a negative impact on you. credit score,

In the meantime, as long as you’re making payments on time and using it responsibly, it can help your rating.

For those who are already Plus members, opening a credit card will increase their Sam’s Club cash back rewards by up to 3%; It will be just 1% for customers who have club tier plans.

Additionally, Sam’s Club credit card will give you 5% back on gas, 3% on food and takeout, and 1% on all other purchases anywhere in the country.

TJ’s used an example to show how much you might spend per month on the following expenses:

  • Groceries: $400 (3%)
  • Gas: $200 (5%)
  • Restaurant: $200 (3%)
  • Miscellaneous: $3,000 (1%)

When you do the math on cash back, this equals $58 per month or $696 per year.

But according to TJ’s, the rewards may go even further for some customers.

“Some of our members are saving thousands of dollars per year by using Sam’s Club Plus and Sam’s Club MasterCard together,” TJ said.

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