I work at Subway – two menu hacks you need to know next time you order including free products


Employees can sometimes find useful information to help customers get their money’s worth—and that’s no different from a Subway employee’s point of view.

since the beginning of Epidemic, fast food Prices jumped because supply failed to meet demand.


Subway worker has over 3.3 million subscribers on YouTube
Italian BMT .  You can really get your money's worth by ordering


Italian BMT . You can really get your money’s worth by ordering

a report good Last July it was found by Business Insider that prices have risen by up to 10%.

But a Subway employee shared something Mystery That you would like to take advantage of it the next time you order.

They come from Milad Mirg, who has over 3.3 million subscribers on YouTube.

He often shares behind-the-scenes material on what it’s like to work in Subway.

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free vegetables

recently VideoMilad reveals you can get free vegetables.

“Vegetables are unlimited and free,” he said.

“Make sure you load up on as many vegetables as you want.”

You can find the following vegetables at Subway at no extra cost:

  • Green chilli
  • Red onion
  • spinach
  • salad leaves
  • tomato
  • Cucumbers
  • Pickle
  • jalapenos
  • banana peppers
  • Black olives

sandwiches to order

Milad’s other hack won’t save you money, according to Milad – but it will give you something of value.

The same applies to the Italian BMT, which comes with spicy pepperoni, Black Forest ham and Genoa salami.

While prices can vary by location, we found that this sandwich at a local store six inches and one foot long costs $5.99 and $9.29, respectively.

But there is also a large part available for BMT known as Footlong Pro.

According to Subway, it comes with twice the protein and has about 1,100 calories.

“They put an incredible amount of meat on that sandwich for a few bucks,” Milad said.

other ways to save

Considering how expensive fast-food can get, you’ll generally want to follow other tips.

A fast-food fan who recently went with Raj share Some of them told The Sun how he saves about $200 per month.

One of them is to use the app, which can offer you some daily deals and rewards depending on the restaurant.

For example, under the McDonald’s app, you’ll want to highlight Rewards and the “Rewards & Deals” section.

Today the fast-food giant is offering a free Sprite with a $1 purchase for the start of summer.

Also, take into account the coupons that Raj received by signing up for marketing campaigns.

“The bigger one I get when I use it” [it] Often footlong buys one, get a free footlong [at Subway]Raj said.

“This will save you at least $8 per trip.”

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